WATCH: Mother Busts School Board Member With Her Maskless Pics in Epic Takedown

WATCH: Mother Busts School Board Member With Her Maskless Pics in Epic Takedown
Alecia Vaught at Montgomery County school board meeting, screenshot. Credit: MRC

A Virginia mother’s epic takedown of a “Mask Karen” member of the school board has gone viral.

Alecia Vaught came to a Montgomery County, Virginia, school board meeting to point out their hypocrisy when it came to masks at their school. Gov. Glenn Youngkin had signed an executive order making masks optional in schools, giving the power back to the parents and the kids. But some of the schools were disregarding that and still required masks. Some were even suing Youngkin over it. But then the state legislature passed a bill saying the same thing, and Youngkin signed it into law on February 16 to take effect March 1.

Vaught dressed down the board just before it was signed, and called out the board for the hypocrisy of telling everyone they had to comply with executive orders from Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, but then refusing to comply with those from Youngkin. She also came loaded for bear with a little evidence of one of the board members, Susan Kass, with other people without a mask.

“You are taking the choice away from the parents,” Vaught said. So, we were supposed to follow the executive order last year, but not this year, she said, because of two different political parties, “That makes no sense.”

Vaught then pulled up a picture she said was Kass in a crowd without a mask. That’s why Kass just lost it, calling for a police officer and demanding that Vaught talk about “something that concerns our school board,” as though one can’t call out their hypocrisy.

It quickly deteriorated, with Vaught then fighting with another member who interceded on Vaught’s behalf and her right to speak. “That’s my family!” Kass exclaimed.

“What do you think about our families,” Vaught responded.

Kass said either she leaves or I do, and then she stormed out.

“You can’t deal with the truth,” Vaught said. “We’re coming for you,” she finished, indicating the parents were going to vote them out.

Vaught spoke to Fox on Monday after her video went viral.

“We the parents are just fed up with the hypocrisy,” Vaught told co-host Steve Doocy. “Our kids have had to suffer for two years. These masks have caused isolation, depression, it hurts their ears.”

“It’s just been such a harm to our kids, and then we see these school board members get on and just flaunt openly with no mask on, and it just seems a little bit hypocritical,” she continued. “So I thought that the board needed to know that.” [….]

“I said, we’re coming for your seats, all of them, because we are,” Vaught said. “We the parents are fed up, and we’re getting these liberals off of our school board.”

Now, had the board member just listened to her politely she would have avoided this going viral. But it’s that kind of an attitude – the “we are entitled” to tell you what to do, whether we follow it ourselves – that swept Youngkin into office and is likely to sweep Democrats out of office come November.

Kass even thought calling out her hypocrisy required the police. No dissent to those in power will be tolerated. Good on Vaught for standing her ground and refusing to be moved. The only reason the officer stepped back was the other board member came to Vaught’s defense. But imagine calling the police on that? But that’s where we are with some in power now; they think that’s a reasonable action. They need to be told — all over the country in November — that it is not.

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