BREAKING: Victory for Youngkin, Kids and Freedom

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

It’s been a long fight, but one of the reasons that people in Virginia — especially parents — voted for Glenn Youngkin for governor of the state was fulfilled today. Youngkin had promised to end the mask mandate and he signed an executive order on his very first day in office to do just that, allowing parents to opt-out.


Some schools fought the order and sued against its application.

But today, Youngkin, kids, and freedom have won with the governor signing a bill into law banning mask mandates. It passed the Senate on Tuesday and the House today, with a little bit of Democratic support as well, in addition to Republicans. So finally, parents and kids have the choice — if you want to wear a mask all day, go crazy, feel free. But schools will no longer be able to be force kids to wear masks.

On top of that, the new law also requires K-12 schools to be kept open five days a week for instruction, another win for the kids and the parents.

There’s an amendment in the new law that requires it to take effect immediately, otherwise, they would have to wait until July 1 normally for it to take effect. But Youngkin is giving districts until March 1 to comply with the new law.


Youngkin cheered parents getting the power back to decide. “Today, we are restoring power back to parents.” He said we are also reestablishing that we will be getting back to normal. “It is my distinct honor to sign Senate Bill 739 into law in the Commonwealth of Virginia,” he declared to cheers.



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