WATCH: Going for Coffee Is Now a Crime in Ottawa; Police May Attack and Threaten You

Police in Ottawa harass woman, screenshot. Credit: @corrcom/Twitter

One of the things that has been ironic about the police action against the Freedom Convoy in the city of Ottawa has been that the government’s complaint that people were blocked from going about their daily business in the city. While areas of the city might have taken longer to get through and there was a lot of honking, no one was blocked from going anywhere.


That is, until now. The city has installed checkpoints and fences, just like a police state, to prevent people from peacefully protesting. They also shut down what had been the “hottest club” in the city — the protester dance party area right in front of Parliament. Even the CTV media bemoaned that.

Instead, now you have police everywhere.

Not to mention, going for coffee now is not allowed and is a crime. This is crazy. They wouldn’t let this woman go for coffee because she says she’s from Alberta.

They have no idea who she is. She isn’t doing anything illegal. Yet, they hit her camera so she doesn’t film them and threaten her. Last I checked, going for coffee is not illegal, or at least it isn’t except in Canada. Because the government has declared the area a “red zone,” that seems to mean you have no civil rights and they can act like thugs. She records them, as well she should, given the behaviors we’ve seen — and they hit her camera and threaten her because she dares to do so. Filming is illegal now, too, in Ottawa.


This is getting completely out of hand. People need to call Justin Trudeau on the carpet over this on Monday when they have the vote on the Emergencies Act. This is not justifiable to treat people this way. It’s become a full-on police state now.

Congratulations, Justin Trudeau! How do you think businesses will like having no customers now either, because of your actions? That, and the deprivation of civil liberties should go over well, and I’m sure the residents are all going to love this.

Despite the fences, it should be noted that protesters were still assembling in the city, so they might not get to right in front of Parliament. But you can’t kill an idea or people with the strong will for freedom.




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