Freedom Convoy Ends Blockade in Coutts With Hugs From Police, Concerns About False Flags

Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

The Freedom Convoy protesters who have been maintaining a blockade at the Coutts border crossing between Alberta, Canada, and Montana for about 18 days decided to end their protest there on Tuesday.


There appear to be two factors entering into their decision to leave, including the fact that the Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, has dropped the vaccine passports with a three-step plan to drop restrictions. They feel they have made a significant point, while influencing people and policy changes in Canada, and around the world. They said they will continue the fight without the blockade.

The other reason is that police alleged that they found a group with guns near the blockade, and arrested some of them for having rifles and body armor.

They don’t want to have anything to do with that group, this protester says.

Some of the protesters and supporters seemed to believe the report was a false flag. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) claimed that it was a smaller, organized group within the larger protest group.

But, the police in Coutts didn’t appear to be fearful of the protesters as the Freedom Convoy pulled out. The police shook their hands and hugged them; the protesters also sang ‘O Canada.’


Daniel Bulford was with the RCMP. He was on Justin Trudeau’s security team, until he quit when they started requiring vaccination. He’s now with the Freedom Convoy, and is one of the organizers in Ottawa. He said that they had received information from sources that there may be a plan afoot from “nefarious” entities to plant guns near the Ottawa protest that might involve the theft of 2,000 guns. They were notifying the police and letting everyone know ahead of time, so that they would not be smeared with it.

Two thousand firearms can be a big problem and even if it doesn’t have to do with the protesters, just the report and even this announcement could precipitate more action from the police. So, it’s a troubling development. Let’s hope it doesn’t portend problems coming to Ottawa.


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