CTV Anchor Calls up Freedom Convoy Donors, Asking Them to Justify Themselves

CTV Anchor Calls up Freedom Convoy Donors, Asking Them to Justify Themselves
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We reported earlier on Rebel News’ Ezra Levant’s tweet that “Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster is combing through the illegally hacked database of GiveSendGo donors, and emailing donors asking them to explain themselves.” That references the people who donated to the Freedom Convoy donors.

Now, we have more information about Levant’s tweet.

The chief news anchor of CTV Ottawa, Graham Richardson, says that he’s been contacting donors over the past two days, asking them to justify themselves.

“Have spent the last two days calling local people who have donated to the trucker convoy. Including a former MP, several business owners, health care professionals and a property developer,” Richardson claimed. “Trying to understand why they support this. Very few calls back.”

Translation? He spent two days harassing citizens for contributing to a protest. He wonders why they don’t call back? Try getting that you are acting like the Secret Police and demonizing people for contributing to a protest.

David Anber, a Canadian lawyer who has reportedly represented the protesters, let Richardson have it for his actions.

“What a dishonest claim,” Anber said. “You had 3 weeks to walk up to people waving Canadian flags & ask them why they “support this”; you could have contacted people on social media too. But instead, you misled the public about alleged nazis at the protest and now you want to abuse hacked info.”

That’s exactly right. The media has by and large just gone along with the government narrative about the protesters. Only a few have done real interviews of the protesters. It’s incredibly troubling that media was likely using illegally acquired information this way to put people under the media microscope for such an ‘offense’ as donating to a protest. The donors don’t have to justify why they support freedom and are against government mandates; it’s Richardson who has to explain why he’s acting like the Stasi and going after people like this.

We know that if any one of these people had responded to this guy, it wouldn’t matter what they said, they wouldn’t get a fair shake because you can tell — just in the one tweet — how biased he is and how he doesn’t care about the truth. Somehow, they would be painted as ‘evil insurrectionists’ just for being anti-mandate and believing in freedom.

You wonder why they don’t trust you, Graham, and why people don’t trust media in general anymore? Take a look at your tweet. Ask yourself why are you doing this. Then understand that you’re being a government flunky, and you’re on the wrong side of history. This is intimidation under the guise of journalism, and the chilling of political expression.

Unfortunately, now the list is floating out there with people’s addresses and phone numbers on it, so they can be harassed by more than just this horrible, alleged journalist. Twitter refused to shut down the doxxing list that was being spread on their platform, as we previously reported — showing, once again, that they have no principles, apart from going along with the liberal narrative.

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