Report: School Allegedly Makes List of 'Insubordinate' Parents to 'Watch'

AP Photo/Denis Poroy

On Tuesday night, radio host Monica Matthews of Clear Talk Media tweeted a communication allegedly between two officials at The Lovett School — a prestigious private K-12 school in Atlanta. It immediately got a lot of attention on Twitter and raised a lot of eyebrows. It’s easy to see why.


The communication purports to be between two officials at the school and says it is a “preliminary list” of many parents who have been deemed “insubordinate.” One staffer wrote that she was “disgusted by some of these parents” and talked about the “need to prioritize our efforts as some have too much influence.”

“Our watch list-to keep hard copy only? Confirm!”

Todd Starnes has reached out to the school and they have not responded back yet.

It’s not clear what specifically this is about and it’s not clear why you would ever put parents on a “watch list,” but there are a lot of people listed and such a list about parents is extremely concerning.

According to their website, the tuition for students kindergarten through fifth grade at The Lovett School is $27,675. It’s $32,130 for grades 6-12. That’s not counting other fees such as for books and uniforms.


This comes in a climate where parents are facing backlash from other schools on a variety of subjects including COVID restrictions and what’s being taught in the classroom. Pushback by parents in Virginia was considered a big factor in Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s win in the state.

The NSBA also caused concerns after they sent a letter to the White House — which they had coordinated with the White House — demonizing parents as potential terrorists. The DOJ then used that letter to say they would be coordinating with schools to look into potential threats from parents. The NSBA later retracted and apologized for the letter but the DOJ did not apologize or stop its actions.

It will be interesting to see how the school responds to this. But the notion of school officials concocting lists of “insubordinate” parents (who is supposed to answer to whom?!) is troubling, to say the least.



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