We All Could Have Predicted Never Trump Jonah Goldberg's New Career Move

Screenshot via Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Back in November, we reported how Never Trump commentators Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg announced that they were leaving Fox as contributors because of Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 special.


As we noted at the time, most didn’t even know that they were still with Fox and weighed in that no one would miss them if they left.

They made their announcement in the NY Times, which says something right there, and the usual suspects like Sen. Mitt Romney (RINO-UT) lauded them for their courage and principle.

Carlson had the perfect response to them.

“These are two of the only people in the world who still pretend the Iraq War was a good idea,” Carlson said. “No one wants to watch commentary that stupid.” He declared their leaving “great news” and said, “viewers will be grateful.”

As we noted at the time, there was a little more to the story that wasn’t said: that Fox had no intention of re-signing them when their contracts came up this year so this alleged resignation was just ahead of not being renewed.

Oh, some courageous decision there. Not.

But now, there’s news about Jonah Goldberg’s next career move. And who could have predicted it, except all of us?

According to Variety, Goldberg has signed aboard the sinking ship that is CNN. So from the number one network to the scandal-plagued font of misinformation, that’s some move.


It’s more than a little ironic that Goldberg, who claimed he was upset with norms being broken, is cool going to a network that is collapsing with “norms” breaking, it would seem. So much for principles.

Didn’t he learn anything from the crash-and-burn move of Chris Wallace who went to CNN with certain expectations and then basically found out he’d walked aboard the Titanic? It would seem not. Goldberg knows all that yet is doing it knowingly, which means he doesn’t care.

We’re not looking to occupy the anti-Fox seats at CNN and MSNBC, they said at the time they left in November.

Now Goldberg is at CNN and Hayes just accepted a job at NBC. So, what was that you say again, guys? So I’m sure their “resignation” wasn’t at all about auditioning for a job at these places.


Not only did he get mocked by conservatives, he got mocked by CNN’s likely audience on the left.

So this is going to go well.

But I’ll leave the last word on the matter to Goldberg himself because there’s always a tweet for everything.


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