Tucker Carlson Has the Best Response to the Never Trump Fit Over His Jan. 6 Special

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We reported yesterday that two of the Never Trump brigade – Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg – officially resigned as contributors to Fox News over Tucker Carlson’s new January 6th special.


Perhaps one of the funniest things that people said about that news was that they didn’t even know that the two were still even appearing on Fox, which only goes to show how much anyone paid any attention to them.

As we noted, according to Hayes, he claimed that the special on the topic itself would “lead to violence. Not sure how we can stay,” he said in response to Goldberg saying he was “tempted just to quit Fox over this.”

So they did, and revealed their decision to The New York Times.

Now, that says a lot about Hayes and Goldberg, who like to posture as conservative but then run to The New York Times, and who seem to have more issues with Fox than with the liberal media that has lied its head off for the past several years.


But it just goes to show that they do fit in more with Democrats, who have difficulty dealing with opinions other than their own. They talk about Tucker’s Jan. 6 special on The Dispatch saying it amplifies conspiracies but then failed to list even one specific issue with the report.

Goldberg and Hayes certainly have an inflated opinion of their own self-importance – a trait that many Never Trumpers have in common. Think Bill Kristol, Jen Rubin, and Rick Wilson, for example. Like most Never Trumpers, the only people who seem to give them any currency at this point are Democrats. I previously wrote about how there was infighting between folks at the Bulwark and Goldberg because he talked about them being obsessed with President Donald Trump. But as we can see with Goldberg’s own reaction, he’s pretty much still guilty of that as well.

Let’s just say that the reactions to the resignations of Hayes and Goldberg weren’t exactly people being broken up by their departure. Here’s our Managing Editor:


And yes, I second her point about having our own Kira Davis on more instead. When you need intelligence and principle, that’s Kira Davis.

But we can’t talk about the reactions to the announcement without noting Tucker Carlson’s reaction to it. He must have been truly broken up by their monumental announcement, right? Well, not exactly. It definitely is priceless and pure Tucker.

And that’s why his ratings are the highest in cable television while Goldberg and Hayes are out the door.


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