First Portnoy Does It, Now Group That Wants to Cancel Joe Rogan Gets Owned Again

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The left has been trying to take down Joe Rogan for weeks now — first with the claim that he was spreading COVID misinformation, then with a mash-up video claiming that he was a racist who used had used the “n-word” in some episodes. Rogan said the clips were taken out of context.


As we noted earlier, Dave Portnoy went on a podcast with the MeidasTouch brothers who were accused of being behind the Patriot Takes account that helped spread the video against Rogan. During the podcast, Portnoy said he had receipts that one of the brothers himself had used the n-word in a text in 2014. Portnoy didn’t release the text but it’s clear he’s got what he thinks is the smoking gun.

Portnoy had confronted them about the Patriot Takes account, noting the connection to the brothers, “All I knew is the Rogan propaganda videos felt similar to the videos made to attack me.” Portnoy’s point? This is not an organic attack on Rogan.

That set off one of the brothers, Brett Meiselas, who claimed they “have nothing to do with any of this” other than being “partners” with Patriot Takes, saying “the lengths people go to defend a guy saying the N-word.”


First, no one was defending the use of the word, as David Portnoy had pointed out both on the podcast and in his tweets. So Meiselas was misrepresenting what was being said. Big surprise.

But then Ballistic Social’s Caleb Hull nailed them with their connection to Patriot Takes.

Whoops. Sounds like they just got owned right there to me.

Meisalas responded that they had helped Patriot Takes set up, as part of their “partnership.”


Oh. But yeah, nothing at all to do with anything, right? Just the same UPS store in Macomb, MI for their mailing address in their FEC filings. Just very close “partners.” Funny how these coincidences work. Plus, claiming one is a “partner” doesn’t exactly disassociate you from them. But the liberal scrambling is funny to watch.

But Spotify isn’t dropping Rogan and Rogan just got an offer of a deal from Rumble for $100 million so this isn’t exactly going where they hoped it would go.



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