DNC Light Show 'Celebration' of Biden Is as Dismal as His Year

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Joe Biden held a press conference yesterday that just highlighted his lack of competence. A reporter listed some of Biden’s big failures in his first year, and he asked Biden whether or not he thought he had fulfilled the promises he made when he ran. His response? Classic Biden — bragging with no relation to reality. “I didn’t over-promise,” Biden claimed. “But I have probably outperformed.”


That’s one way of looking at it. He has outperformed how badly many people thought he would perform. He has been even worse. It’s only been a year, but it feels like so much longer because it’s been such a failure of a year from him. Unfortunately, we have three more years of fun yet to go — if he manages to hold out that long.

I’m thinking that the last thing most Americans were thinking about yesterday was celebrating Biden. Most are just thinking about how they are going to survive his bad policies.

But that didn’t stop the Orwellian effort by the DNC to suggest that all is well and we should all just be thrilled with what Biden has done.

The DNC said that they would be celebrating “accomplishments” like “record job numbers, infrastructure investments, and shots in arms under President Biden and Vice President Harris.”


When people saw that announcement, they thought it was the RealClearPolitics reporter Philip Wegmann being satirical. Except the DNC effort was real. Real, but pretty dismal. So apropos to match Biden’s dismal year.

That’s a “light show”? What did they have there, 20 people? Was that all they could get out from those alleged 81 million people? Can I say what a sorry display that is, given the resources they have? You can barely even read it.

What happened? Were the shelves too bare when they went to get stuff for the effort? Did the supply chain failures affect their ability to have any significant “light” at their “light show?” If they were trying to “project” success, it’s safe to say that they failed, bigly. I’m also betting Biden didn’t see it, as it was likely past his bedtime.

The GOP folks mocked the effort, as did others.


Bottom line? If Biden had “accomplishments,” Americans would recognize them; you wouldn’t need to have to try to advertise them to people with such a cheap display, they would know them. The fact that you have to advertise — in this failed-kind of a way — is an acknowledgment that you know Americans think he’s a failure. That’s the problem here. You know he’s a failure, but you think just a little bit more PR might convince people and fix the problem, as opposed to acknowledging the problem is the man and his policies.

This is embarrassing —  but so symbolic of Biden’s failures.


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