Sen. Roger Marshall Has the Perfect Response to Fauci Calling Him a 'Moron'

Shawn Thew/Pool via AP

During a Senate Health Committee hearing about COVID on Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci got caught in a hot mic moment when he said under his breath about Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS), “What a moron, Jesus Christ!”


It was a completely unprofessional political response to being asked to make financial disclosures. Fauci claimed during sparring with Marshall that he had filed financial disclosure forms.

“As the highest-paid employee in the entire federal government,” Marshall asked, “yes or no, would you be willing to submit to Congress and the public a financial disclosure that includes your past and current investments?”

“I don’t understand why you’re asking me that question,” Fauci replied. “My financial disclosure is public knowledge and has been so for the last 37 years or so, 35 years.”

NIAID said that Fauci is a public report filer, but Fauci’s spokesperson was unable to immediately provide that information to the NY Post when they asked. Center for Public Integrity reporter Liz Essley Whyte tweeted a two-year-old disclosure form from April 2020 but it had a lot of redactions in addition to being old. Forbes noted that his salary, stock, bond purchases, and royalty payments for this year and last year are not available to the public. is suing the NIH for those records and according to Forbes, they admitted they hold 1,200 pages relating to Fauci’s financial information and conflict of interest disclosures. Among the questions they have is how Fauci seemingly has become the highest-paid person in the government.

Marshall skewered Fauci, noting he lost it was because of the bombshell information which had been dropped on him.


“I understand that Anthony Fauci had a very frustrating day: having a bombshell report show he in fact did award U.S. tax dollars for gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and being called out about his personal financial disclosure during the COVID pandemic NOT being publicly available must be very frustrating,” Marshall said in a statement.

“Calling me a moron during a Senate hearing may have alleviated the stress of the least trusted bureaucrat in America, but it didn’t take away from the facts.”

We reported on that bombshell report earlier in the week that was contrary to Fauci’s prior testimony as to gain of function research.

Marshall has the perfect response to Fauci.

Marshall is introducing legislation which will be titled the Financial Accountability for Uniquely Compensated Individuals (FAUCI) Act. The legislation will require the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) to provide a list of all confidential filers within the government whose financial disclosures are not public. Now that’s both a hilarious shot at Fauci and great for transparency, as a way to smoke out government officials with conflicts.

Marshall is also not letting up on Fauci.

“On Tuesday, I asked if you would provide your financial disclosures and investments to Congress and the public,” Marshall, a physician and military veteran, wrote to Fauci in a letter obtained by Fox News. “As a member of the committee directly responsible for the oversight of NIAID, I expect a direct, transparent, and honest answer. Instead I was met with a personal insult, deflection, and counter question as to why financial disclosures are important. At a time when multiple federal officials have stepped down due to questionable financial transactions during the pandemic, these questions are both reasonable and relevant. [….]

“This letter is to formally request your financial disclosures for the fiscal years covering the pandemic,” Marshall wrote. “Several of my requests for information from your office have required months for a response or are still outstanding. Please provide these disclosures by 5:00pm Friday, January 14. Furthermore, considering the extensive redaction of the disclosure dated April 21, 2020, please provide me with copies that only redacts personal and sensitive information allowed for by law.”


This will no doubt make Fauci lose it all the more. But he’s going to find himself in more hot water if he doesn’t turn over the information because Marshall isn’t going to let up.


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