WH Plays Clean up After Kamala's Untrue Claim About COVID Tests

The Biden Administration is just a mess when it comes to the question of COVID tests and treatments.

They’ve spent all their time pushing vaccines and masks, far less time on tests, and perhaps the least amount of time on the most important thing — treatments.


Standing in the way of states getting the monoclonal antibody treatments and parceling them out based on some rigid rule that doesn’t address the need is going to cost lives, as we previously reported. The media hasn’t been covering how they have been denying it, a huge story that needs much more attention. Former representative Tulsi Gabbard spoke out today on the issue, calling for more action.

Joe Biden promised millions of at-home test kits months ago and they still aren’t out the door yet, and he’s given all kinds of different statements on the matter.

Kamala Harris was pressed on the question of where the tests were during an interview for the Today Show with Craig Melvin. Harris said she thought it would be next week. So if you haven’t prepared and don’t know, why talk? Of course, not knowing is a problem, too.

Now the White House has had to clarify and say, no, they wouldn’t be out next week. But even their “correction” has a big problem in it that they are going to have to further correct.

“The president’s 500 million at-home tests will be sent out later this month, and we expect all contracts to be awarded over the course of the next two weeks,” a White House official told Fox News.

Harris had told NBC News in an interview that aired Thursday morning that the tests would be going out “shortly,” stating, “I think it’s gonna be by next week. But soon. Absolutely soon. And it is a matter of urgency for us.


No, it isn’t a matter of urgency or you would have had it in time for the Omicron surge. You’ll maybe have it after the surge has already dropped in a few weeks, so not exactly an “urgent” response.

The other big problem with this is that the earlier reports said that the 500 million would be doled out and be available over months, not all at once. So even this statement saying that 500 million will be sent out later this month is just wrong if the prior statements they made are correct. What a state of confusion these folks are always in. The White House announced today that they were contracted for 500 million more for a total of a billion. But that’s still some time off on those, as well.


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