Pelosi Pulls Jan. 6 Card on Voting, but Clyburn and Her Own Actions Reveal the Truth

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Democrats don’t seem to understand that Americans see through their obsession to use the events of Jan. 6 for their own political ends. Polls show that Americans have rejected that big time.


But Democrats are still at it because they don’t have much else to balance off against Joe Biden and the Democrats’ policy failures.

Democrats are trying to push their effort to essentially federalize elections, so they can grab control and shoot down voter integrity laws.

According to the transcript for a new interview on “Face the Nation,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) falsely claimed that Republicans were trying to suppress the vote and she called voter integrity laws a “legislative continuation” of Jan. 6.

There’s nothing more important for us to do than protect our Constitution and our democracy.

What the Republicans are doing across the country is really a legislative continuation of what they did on January 6, which is to undermine our democracy, to undermine the integrity of our elections, to undermine the voting power, which is the essence of a democracy.

So, we have to do that bill. There is no more important bill. That enables us to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. [….]

What they are doing — and you pointed out very clearly, and I thank you for that — that they are not only suppressing the vote, suppressing the vote; they are nullifying elections, saying, well, it doesn’t matter who gets more votes. It matters who the three people we appoint to analyze that, what they decide.


So, if Republicans objecting to electoral votes or raising questions about an election is “suppressing the vote,” then I wonder what it was that Pelosi was doing when she personally objected to the electoral votes from Ohio when it came time for Congress to certify the 2004 election in January 2005?

Then, objecting when you thought there was a concern was “democracy at work,” according to Pelosi, “fundamental” and about the integrity of our elections.” Many Democrats have raised objects to GOP presidents who were elected over the years.

But if that wasn’t enough to show how disingenuous this whole effort by the Democrats is, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), the Democratic whip and the guy who helped stick us with Joe Biden, gave the game away during an interview Sunday on Fox with Bret Baier. He confessed for the record that this was about federalizing elections, saying “these federal elections cannot be left up to the states, should not be left up to the states.”


There it is. They haven’t actually been that blunt with it before, preferring to cloak it in the false language of “voter suppression” or similar words. But there it is — it’s about taking the control away from the states. They’re power-hungry and no longer even hiding it.

Clyburn argued that Congress needs to “mature” with the times and make changes where necessary.

“What is true today was not true then, and therefore the kind of changes that we need to make, the kind of modifications that we need to make must fit the times,” Clyburn said.

“Just because you’ve got one little nugget that was true back in 1876 doesn’t meant that that is true in 1976 … This country has matured,” he added. “This is not the same country it was over 200 years ago. We as a people must mature right along with it.”

We must “mature” — to let Democrats do what they want to seize what power they can. Our founders who vested the process in the states were just pikers apparently. What they’re scared of are voter integrity laws that will protect the right to vote. There is no “suppression” going on, but there is a lot of protection against funny business.


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