Liz Cheney Melts Down When Asked a Question That Does-in the Jan. 6 Committee

Jim Bourg/Pool via AP

I suspect that Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-WY) is not long for her position. She’s about to get tossed out on her ear come November because the folks in Wyoming have some sense.


But before she goes, she continues to implode on her way out, going all-in with the Democrats.

On Thursday, Cheney appeared on “Special Report with Bret Baier,” where she spent time bashing Republicans. But Baier asked her a great question. Her response showed how duplicitous she is.

Baier asked her about her title or role on the Jan. 6 Committee, “You’re the co-chair of the January 6 committee, Speaker Pelosi put you in that position. Who’s the ranking member of the committee?”

“I’m not the co-chair. Chairman [Bennie] Thompson is the chairman,” Cheney said, which is correct. She then said that she was the vice-chair and claimed to be the “ranking” member. “And I am the ranking Republican member by nature of when I was appointed.” Cheney then out and out lied, saying that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy refused to name people to the Committee.


There are multiple problems with her claims. She was not appointed to the Committee by Republicans; she was appointed by Pelosi, as was the only other ‘Republican’ on the Committee, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (RINO-IL). There are no Republican-appointed members on the Committee, so it is hardly bipartisan, which is another reason why the “Committee” is a joke.

When the Committee started, Pelosi refused to accept two of the members that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appointed, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) — who would be the ranking member — and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). McCarthy then pulled his remaining members. It was Pelosi who blocked it from being bipartisan when she wouldn’t allow the minority leader to appoint people he wanted to the Committee.

Banks, who has said he was the ranking member by McCarthy’s appointment, told Townhall that the Committee is illegitimate because it isn’t acting by the House rules.

“Liz Cheney told another Big Lie because she didn’t want to admit an obvious truth: she works for Pelosi. Liz Cheney is the Vice Chair and the Committee’s charter explicitly requires a ranking member, but they don’t have one. The Committee is illegitimate and violating House Rules,” said Banks.


Banks has previously said that “something like this has never happened before” and that “it’s a break in precedent,” that the minority party was not able to appoint members they want to a Committee. He has said bluntly it’s because Democrats want to control the narrative against Republicans. Cheney gave the game away last weekend when she revealed the “single most important thing” was to stop President Donald Trump from becoming president again.

But despite every effort to spin Jan. 6, Americans, in new polling, delivered a message to the Democrats that they weren’t buying what Democrats were trying to sell against Republicans and destroyed their dreams, as we noted earlier this week.


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