Rand Paul Promises a Fauci Reckoning if GOP Wins

Stefani Reynolds/The New York Times via AP, Pool

It looks like the Republicans are very likely to take back the House in the midterms and quite possibly the Senate as well.

There are a lot of reasons that Republicans have to come out to vote to make that happen. Not the least of which is to check a lot of the things that Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing, including all the crazy spending and the radical leftist agenda items.


But there’s another reason. It’s particularly important to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and should be important to all Americans — that’s to hold Dr. Anthony Fauci accountable, if Paul becomes the Chair of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP). Paul would likely become chair of that committee if the Republicans take the Senate.

The senator told his father, Ron Paul, in an interview on Ron Paul’s “Liberty Report” that Fauci would be a “huge issue” in the election.

Sen. Paul said:

[I]f I win in 2022, I will be chairman of a committee in the Senate. We will use the subpoena power to bring forth all the records. Right now they send us records — if we ask about their discussions, covering up where the virus came from, its origins in the lab — they white it all out, they redact all the information and send us a blank piece of paper and they won’t tell us about their conversations. We’ll get to the root of everything.”

That would be great because that could then address the lies about gain of function research.

You can see the whole interview here.

Paul predicted that if Republicans win, Fauci would retire and that would be the “best thing right there for the country because he’s been so damaging.”


“All these blue state governors listen to him and think that it’s science to close a restaurant at 10 o’clock at night or to say that we have to have 25 percent of patrons. There’s no evidence that any of the mitigation, any of the rules, and mandates changed the trajectory of the virus at all.”

Paul argued that Fauci has wrongly downplayed natural immunity and de-emphasized therapeutics, a position that he says may have been responsible for deaths, “I would venture to say thousands of people die in our country every month now from COVID because he’s de-emphasized the idea that there are therapeutics.”

For a lot of folks on the right, Paul’s promise would certainly be an incentive to get a lot of people out to vote. We’ve already seen that Paul isn’t afraid to bring the goods, call Fauci on the carpet, and demand answers. With actual power over a committee and the ability to subpoena documents, he could get even more answers. And we might see some real effort to look finally at China. Fauci has declared that he is “science” and that questioning him is questioning science. Few things can be more anti-science than that. Science isn’t about fealty to the narrative but about proving and testing theories and always being open to questions. Paul has pointed out the “absolute hubris” of Fauci’s claim.


A GOP win promises interesting accountability hearings to come.



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