Left Melts Down Over Reception Rittenhouse Gets at Turning Point Festival

Left Melts Down Over Reception Rittenhouse Gets at Turning Point Festival
Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool

The left is melting down over the greeting that Kyle Rittenhouse received at Turning Point’s AmFest yesterday. I noted in my earlier story about Rittenhouse teasing that media “accountability is coming,” and that Rittenhouse received a “rockstar” welcome, as you can see here.

Now, that tweet is from Fox LA anchor Elex Michaelson, who seems to have an issue understanding the jury’s finding with some of that comment: “He says it was self defense”? No, the jury found it was self-defense because otherwise, he wouldn’t have been acquitted. And the videos that were taken also said it was self-defense.

Some on the left melted down over that video and continued to spread lies about Rittenhouse and the shooting.

Rittenhouse didn’t shoot “protesters,” he shot people who were chasing him and attacking him — in the case of Gaige Grosskreutz, someone who was pointing a gun at him. And the law and order party — the GOP — defended him because they believe in law and order and believe in the right to self-defense. If you believe in law and order, that’s a fundamental part of it. But some on the left think that right should go away for people they don’t like or whose politics might be different from theirs.

That was the truly troubling thing about the persecution of Kyle Rittenhouse — the belief that they had a right to ruin his life because they thought he had a different political belief than they did. The facts and the truth didn’t matter — they made it up as they went along.

Now, some folks might have honest thoughts about whether a “rock star” reaction is the best thing for Rittenhouse. I get that and agree to some degree. He was put through a terrible situation and that’s not something one celebrates. He should never have been put through any of it. But I think what people are celebrating is the truth triumphing over the lies of the left, the right of self-defense prevailing and that’s what he’s representing at this moment. We see so many norms and what is right ripped apart by the left, it’s good when that is stopped. Having been put through so much, I’m inclined to believe that he would be best off getting back to as much normal as he can as soon as possible. I happen to think his life has been driven out of whack by people on the left for far too long and he deserves the right to get it back. People should be thinking about his best interests at this point. But the last people who have any right to say anything about how he approaches it are folks on the left who defamed him and helped to push the persecution of him in the media.

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