WATCH: Sen. Kennedy Takes Apart Another 'Embarrassing' Biden Nominee

Tom Williams/Pool via AP

Joe Biden has proposed some very troubling nominees.

One, Saule Omarova, had to withdraw herself from consideration after it became clear that she didn’t have the votes from moderate Democrats or the Republicans — because she was so radical — that her nomination was doomed. You can hear some of those positions here, and see the grilling that she got from Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) who exposed some of those positions.


There was a hearing this week for another Biden nominee, Anne Traum, for United States District Court Judge for the District of Nevada. Once again, it was Sen. Kennedy probing to see just how radical the nominee was. But she kept refusing to answer his one simple question: do you think we should forgive a criminal act in the name of social justice?

Now, it would seem the obvious answer to that would be no, but she just couldn’t bring herself to say it, likely because the answer for her wouldn’t be a no.

Kennedy asked her the question nine times — and she kept ducking it.


“Senator, thank you for that question. I recognize that all issues of crime and all responses to crime are fundamentally policy issues. So, those are important issues, they are important for our community and our nation, but I leave those policy issues to the policymakers if confirmed as a judge I would not be a policy maker,” Traum responded the first time she was asked.

“I’m not asking your opinion as a judge,” Kennedy cut her off to point out. “I’m asking your opinion as a person, as a law professor. I’ll stipulate, with all of you, that you’re all going to be fair and unbiased. Now, do you think misbehavior and illegal acts should be forgiven in the name of social justice?” [….]

Kennedy reminded Traum at another point of the questioning that “If confirmed you’re going to be a federal judge. And I join my friend, Sen. Durbin, in saying judicial temperament is important. But I think being unbiased is even more important. And I find it incredible that you won’t answer my question.”

When asked yet another time, Traum attempted to respond with “So the outcome of any case is always highly individualized based on the process and the facts of that case.”


She never said no to the question.

So finally, Kennedy said, “What’s your favorite color?” She laughed and confessed it was blue. Kennedy then celebrated, saying he was “one for about 20” in getting any kind of an answer out of her.

But then he delivered the coup de grace to Traum in his classic fashion, saying he couldn’t vote for her if she wouldn’t answer, and that her responses were “embarrassing.”

Brilliant effort by Kennedy, got to love him. They’re all on notice of the problem, if Traum can’t even honestly answer that basic question. That’s probably a good basic question for all the Biden nominees and if they can’t answer it, they shouldn’t get the votes.

The answer is that while there may be individual mitigating factors in any given case, politics should never be a factor in judging a criminal case, so one should never say ‘yes’ to that question. But imagine, this is the kind of nominee that the Biden team is throwing up there now. That’s how radical they are at this point.



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