Sens. Kennedy and Scott Take Apart Scary Statements of Biden Nominee Saule Omarova

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Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Saule Omarova, faced fierce questions from Republicans on the Hill today. Rightly so, given her radical positions on capitalism and banking. My colleague Dennis Santiago has written about some of those positions here and here.


Here she is arguing why we should do away with private banking and increase government control by having everything run through the Fed. “How is it politically feasible for the Central Bank to effectively take money away from people’s accounts?” she asks.

Oh. That’s reassuring. Because that sure sounds like they want the government to be able to control everything and simply snatch your accounts. What do you call that kind of a system?

Then there’s this fun piece here where she talks about how they wish for oil and gas companies to go bankrupt because that will help their climate change goals.

Republicans grilled her during her hearing in the Senate today, notably Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC).

Kennedy brought up how Omarova called the financial services industry a “quintessential a**hole industry.”


He noted how she had previously called on the federal government to set wages, food, and gas prices. He brought up her wanting to abolish private bank accounts and so that the government could have access to all your data. He spoke about her desire to set up a National Investment Authority which would be the hub through which they can achieve their climate dreams and how she wrote about wanting to bankrupt oil and gas, to tackle climate change. In 2019, he said she joined a Marxist Facebook group. “I don’t know whether to call you Professor or Comrade,” Kennedy finished.

Now that was a great synopsis with a great finish.

But still, the statement of the hearing was probably from Scott who basically asked why is this nominee even before us when she is so “poorly suited” for this job.


He went through her writings and finished, “I don’t have any questions for you because there’s nothing you can say today to undo what you’ve said for years, including this year.”

Now that’s a finish.

But how incredibly troubling that someone with such radical ideas is even being considered for this position. It says a tremendous amount about how Joe Biden hoodwinked America into this phony concept that he was “moderate” when he puts forward nominees like this. They want to move us to a government-controlled society that can dictate government policy and can have complete control over our accounts and our lives. Can we say fundamental transformation?

That’s not moderate. That’s beyond frightening. But that’s where we are now.


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