Kamala Harris Throws Shade at Joe Biden on COVID Response

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Kamala Harris showed that there’s a widening gap with Joe Biden the other day. She claimed to the Wall Street Journal that she and Joe had never discussed re-election, despite Joe Biden already announcing that he would be running again through White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.


That left the awkward question: why did Biden tell Psaki but not Kamala? This seemed to confirm the reported problems between Biden and Harris. Also, she said it without even seeming to understand the problem in what she was saying.

The White House had to try to clean up her comments by saying that yes, Biden would be running again — with Harris.

But they couldn’t effectively explain away Kamala’s comments.

Now she’s given another interview, with the Los Angeles Times, and she’s effectively throwing Biden under the bus in it.

She took a swipe at Joe Biden for essentially declaring independence from COVID on July 4, saying that, “We have not been victorious over it.” She also blamed the scientists they relied on for not being better prepared for the Delta or Omicron variants.

‘I don’t think that in any regard anyone can claim victory when, you know, there are 800,000 people who are dead because of this virus.’

The vice president also insisted that the virologists ‘upon whose advice and direction we have relied’ were blind to the next wave and was sure to note that the Biden administration ‘didn’t see’ Delta and Omicron coming.

‘We didn’t see Delta coming,’ Harris told the paper.

‘I think most scientists did not – upon whose advice and direction we have relied – didn’t see Delta coming.’


There were already multiple variants identified before Biden and Harris took over, so saying that they didn’t see variants coming is roughly equivalent to saying we’re ignorant as to what had already happened, as well as the science of viruses and how they would continue to evolve.

Harris said one of her biggest regrets is that she had not been able to do more to combat myths about the virus and vaccine.

‘I would take that more seriously,’ she said of the misinformation.

‘The biggest threat still to the American people is the threat to the unvaccinated.

‘And most people who believe in the efficacy of the vaccine and the seriousness of the virus have been vaccinated. That troubles me deeply.’

But she pushed questions about the vaccine when President Donald Trump was in charge, so maybe she should look at herself.

It’s a little disingenuous to claim now that she’s fighting misinformation given that history. She also continued to demonize the unvaccinated as Joe Biden has done. And if she’s concerned about misinformation, she may want to have a chat with Joe Biden about his continuing false claim that the vaccinated can’t pass the virus.


I’m not sure what she thinks she gains by throwing shade at Biden over the COVID response. It isn’t like she isn’t part of the “Biden-Harris” Administration and people aren’t going to blame her as well. So while it might hurt Joe, it hurts her, too. It doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence that she’s saying they couldn’t anticipate that more variants might emerge. But that followed Joe Biden seemingly throwing shade at her during the state ceremonies for Bob Dole. It sure looks like the war is on.



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