Biden's New, Communist-Like Propaganda Meme Is Hilariously Bad

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We’ve seen Joe Biden and the Democrats pitch childlike propaganda at us before, using the cartoon “Life of Linda” to try to tell us how the government was our “daddy” and should be involved in every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave.


As we noted, that was a rip-off from Barack Obama’s version, “Life of Julia,” which pitched basically the same thing. Biden seems to be engaging in a bit of plagiarism, yet again, this time swiping from Obama.

Of course, the husband and father is missing in the the life of Linda and that of her son Leo, because that’s the role of the government in the world of the Democrats.

If that wasn’t enough Soviet-level propaganda for you — about how you need to depend on the government for everything — the Biden team has more for you. You won’t believe what they are trying to sell us now.

Imagine, once upon a time, we did have adults in government. Now, we have a government that would try to sell us, instead of a boy and girl sharing sweet nothings between each other, show them dreaming about what the government will do for them. What they want and need is of course what the Biden team is trying to sell us. This is what we’re paying money to have people come up with.


The boy says he’s thinking about how the new infrastructure bill will make it easier to get everywhere over the next decade, and that with the Build Back Better bill, it will create millions of new jobs. This propaganda is so bad, it’s actually funny how dumb it is.

This cringe entry is from Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation. They treat Americans like they are children, who would actually fall for and be indoctrinated by this crap. The sad thing is there may be people on the left who might fall for this. But it’s just gross that they would pitch this at us. Not to mention, it’s been said before and will be said again: the left can’t meme.

The actual reality is that is any guy who actually did say this to any girl, that would likely be the last he’d see from that girl. She wouldn’t be agreeing with him; she’d be running for the hills, thinking he was a cultist — taken in by the Biden folks — and not very bright.

Here’s how it likely would go in reality.


But this is from Buttigieg, the same guy who said that trillions in new spending would help to stop inflation. So, we’re not talking about people who know anything about what they are doing.

Joe Biden actually admitted that his spending contributed to the inflation, although that admission didn’t get a lot of media attention.


In fact, the whole administration should do us a favor and just pack it in, rather than insult our intelligence with stuff like this. Pro tip? This isn’t going to make us believe any of the stuff you are trying to pitch at us; it’s only going to make us laugh and think you are incredibly incompetent in every way possible — including in not knowing how to meme.



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