New Lawsuit Has Disturbing Claim Alec Baldwin 'Intentionally Fired' When It Wasn't in the Script

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Most media has been reporting the Alec Baldwin shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie “Rust” as a tragic accident. But the police said from the first they weren’t even calling it that — that they would be waiting to see what their investigation showed, as we reported at the time. Then information emerged about all sorts of safety issues on the set.


But now there’s a disturbing claim from the script supervisor on the movie, Mamie Mitchell.

Mitchell is suing Baldwin and other people associated with the movie including the armorer over the incident. Her attorney, Gloria Allred, held a press conference with her today.

According to the NY Post, Mitchell is claiming that the script didn’t call for any firing of the gun but that Baldwin intentionally fired the gun anyway.

In the suit, Mitchell claimed, “Alec Baldwin intentionally, without just cause or excuse, cocked and fired and [sic] loaded gun even though the upcoming scene to be filmed did not call for the cocking and firing of a firearm.”

She also said every safety protocol designed to ensure safety with a firearm on set was ignored, such as the presence of live ammunition on set, and that “actions that were taken” that day “were against all industry norms.”

Mitchell said that she didn’t expect it.

“I saw Alec going through his movement with the gun for the camera,” said Mamie Mitchell, the script supervisor on set who called 911 when Baldwin shot and killed Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza on Oct. 21.

“I was holding my script in my left hand and had taken out my iPhone and opened up my photos to check the continuity on his shirt and vest.,” she said. “Then an explosion. Deafening loud gunshot.”

“I was stunned. I heard someone moaning and I turned around and my director was falling backwards and holding his upper body and I turned around toward Alec and saw Halyna going down to the left of me.”

Her attorney Gloria Allred alleged Baldwin was “reckless,” saying there had been two prior gun discharges on the set. She likely is referring to the incident with Alec Baldwin’s stunt double that we reported on. There were actually three discharges, according to reports. “Instead, in our opinion, Mr. Baldwin chose to play Russian roulette when he fired a gun without checking and without having the armorer do so in his presence.”


Among the claims Mitchell made in her suit was intentional infliction of emotional distress.

“I relive the shooting and sound of the explosion from the gun over and over again,” Mitchell said.

“I am depressed. I don’t feel safe. I feel that at any moment anything could happen to me and to those that I care about that are standing close to me,” she said. “I do not have a sense of guardrails in my life to keep me safe. I’m frightened of the future. This violent tragedy has taken away the joy in my life.”

There’s already been one other lawsuit alleging negligence from the chief lighting technician. The district attorney hasn’t ruled out potential criminal charges but they’re still investigating.


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