Rittenhouse Defense Wrecks Prosecution: He Had Right to Be 'Unmolested' by Joseph Rosenbaum

Mark Hertzberg /Pool Photo via AP

As we wrote earlier, the prosecution’s closing argument was full of a lot of false information seemingly intent on misleading the jury as to the law of self-defense — saying that you lost the right to self-defense if you have a gun and you can’t claim self-defense if the person who you shot was unarmed.


The prosecution also claimed that Joseph Rosenbaum, the first man shot and killed, didn’t threaten Rittenhouse or try to take his gun. The prosecutor claimed Rittenhouse fired before Rosenbaum got close. That completely contradicted the testimony of the prosecutions own witnesses.

The prosecutor even pointed the AR-15 with his finger on the trigger at the jury and people in the courtroom without checking the gun as he talked about Rittenhouse being reckless with his gun. Speaking of reckless…

Compared to a closing argument that was false and all over the block, the defense was much more measured in its response.

MSNBC skipped out on that, however, only airing the prosecution’s closing and then returning to their regular programing. But of course, they didn’t want their viewers to see the truth in the defense closing.

But the defense presented a much clearer case using video to back up its points and first detailed some of the prosecutions’s lies. The defense attorney, Mark Richards, noted how the prosecutor hadn’t said anything about provocation as an argument against self-defense until his case “explodes in his face.”

The defense pointed out how the prosecutor lied in his opening statement about Rittenhouse chasing down Rosenbaum when it was the other way around and you could tell that from the video. He also noted how the prosecutor lied about Rosenbaum not being present at a location, showing a picture of him there. “But Mr. Binger will lie to your face,” Richards said.


“This case is not a game. It’s my client’s life,” Richards said. “We don’t play fast and loose with the facts, pretending that Mr. [Joseph] Rosenbaum was citizen A, number one guy. He was a bad man. He was there that night causing trouble. He was a rioter. And my client had to deal with him that night alone….Mr. Rosenbaum was shot because he was chasing my client and going to kill him and take his gun and carry out the threats he had made.”

The defense took the case apart piece by piece using video and the witness testimony to rebut Binger’s lies.

The defense took on the claim of the chaotic “tourist,” saying that Rittenhouse had as much right to go to Kenosha as anyone else and be “unmolested” by Joseph Rosenbaum. Um, nicely done there, defense. How to say something without saying it. (Rosenbaum had a history of sexual assault against minors.)

The defense pointed out how the media had all been false on so much of the case, citing Joe Scarborough’s comments yesterday about the case, claiming falsely, that Rittenhouse fired 60 rounds.


According to Richards, “This is a political case. The DA’s office is marching forward with this because they need somebody to be responsible.”

“Kyle Rittenhouse is not that individual,” he continued. The people who attacked Kyle were not “heroes,” he said. “Kyle Rittenhouse shot Mr. Rosenbaum because he was attacking Kyle. Every person who was shot was attacking Kyle. One with a skateboard, one with his hands, one with his feet and one with a gun.”


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