Where the Heck Is Security for Sinema?

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I don’t know about you but it seems to me it’s more than time that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) has a security detail to protect her from crazy leftists.


They followed her to a fundraiser Saturday night and the police had to be called because of their screaming. They then, in the words of Sinema, “deceptively”  got into an Arizona State University building where they waited outside her classroom until she came out to go to the bathroom, followed her to the bathroom, and filmed her while she was going to the bathroom. Other women were also going to the bathroom and there was a man among the “activists.” Filming in a bathroom is potentially a crime in Arizona and if they lied to get into the school there may also be a question of trespass, as well.

Then last night, they ambushed her at the airport and harassed her when she was trying to get to her plane. They wouldn’t even leave her alone on the plane itself, with one of their people getting up and harassing her when she was in her seat. The person who bothered her on her flight also was allegedly an illegal alien.

It’s very disconcerting that these folks can just walk right up to her and get that close after all the violence and craziness that we’ve seen from the left.


Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) gave a big boost to this kind of action by encouraging people to go after Trump officials, which then was followed by harassment of Republican officials in general. Now it’s extended to even Democratic officials if they aren’t going along with the prescribed progressive agenda.

You even have some media actively inciting against her.

Yet, guess who seems to have Capitol Police protection at the drop of a hat? That very same Maxine Waters. She was even accused of abusing the use of Air Marshals for her own protection. If you recall, she actually had Capitol Police protection on her way to go to a BLM protest in Brooklyn Canter, Minnesota where she spoke about getting more confrontational with police.

Again, I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that Sinema is far more in need of protection than Waters. It’s also disturbing that they seem to know where she is at any given time. That means either they are stalking her, which is itself troubling, and/or they are getting information from someone, which is also a very problematic thought. They’re even willing to pay for an airline ticket to get someone on a plane to bother her. The level of the crazy here is concerning, especially because it’s not being condemned by people on the left. It’s even being normalized by Joe Biden himself.


Meanwhile, the Capitol Police are seeking to massively expand across the country, using the excuse of “threats” against members of Congress. I’m most definitely against any such expansion. But it seems if they can push all that, they can spare one or two people for what they’re actually supposed to be doing, at least in D.C. if not elsewhere. She needs some protection, at least while this craziness is going on. Typically, it’s been local police who have provided protection for members of Congress when they are back in their states. But someone needs to get on this because this is getting out of hand.


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