Maxine Waters Accused of Abusing the Use of Air Marshals for Her Own Protection

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been a big backer of the anti-police, BLM movement.

Indeed, she visited Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, last month to tell protesters that they should get more “confrontational”, if they didn’t get what they wanted when it came to the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin. She also bashed the police while there, and later, in an interview with CNN’s Jim Acosta.


But this is a huge crock from her because while she bashes police, she seems to be very eager to have police protecting her.

As we previously reported, even as she traveled to Brooklyn Center, she allegedly had police protection on her way there.

Now, there may be a scandal breaking over her use of air marshals. And she’s not the only member of Congress involved.

Air marshals were put on flights in the wake of the 9/11 attack to protect flights, particularly high risk flights, from danger. But, according to the New York Post, after the riot at the Capitol, lawmakers began asking for extra protection when going back and forth on flights, even when going on vacation. So in response, the TSA began pulling the marshals from the high risk flights to protect the members of Congress instead.

While we reported Maxine Waters allegedly had police protection from the Capitol Police when she went to Brooklyn Center to agitate against the police, she actually may have had even more protection that we thought.

According to a complaint filed with the House Ethics Committee, she was accompanied by “two armed Capitol Police and two U.S. Secret Service agents.” On top of those people, Waters requested two air marshals to join her on the plane, plus two more to escort her through the airport when she got to Minneapolis. So, she was allegedly protected by at least eight people on her way to Brooklyn Center.

From Fox News:

“Air marshals can only be assigned to high-risk flights. That means flights that have been deemed through our vetted process that have a security risk,” said Sonya Hightower LoBasco, executive director of the Air Marshal National Council. “When these processes are violated and they’re taken advantage of and they are just tossed to the side now as if they don’t matter, we’re really looking into creating a major problem for ourselves in the aviation domain.” [….]

“Congresswoman Maxine Waters utilized numerous government resources inappropriately,” the complaint reads. “Federal Air Marshals were removed from a “High Risk” flight to cover Ms. Waters flight to Minnesota. The High Risk flight took off with no armed law enforcement on board leaving a gap in National Security.”

“Air marshals for Miss Waters trip were assigned high risk missions, they were removed from those missions and assigned to Miss Waters mission on top of her already armed security detail from the Capitol Police,” Hightower said. “That was not an official business trip. We still don’t have any justification as to why government resources were utilized to fly Miss Waters out to Minnesota.”


The Capitol Police and the U.S. Secret Service are denying that they provided Waters protection, but their denial conflicts with what the Air Marshal group is saying. Obviously Waters did get protection from air marshals, which raises the greater question of her denying those marshals from being able to protect high risk flights because of her request.

The president of the Air Marshal National Council, David Londo, objected to the greater point of using the marshals this way, calling it an “egregious misuse of government resources,” David Londo, president of the Air Marshal National Council, said in a complaint to the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General.

“The FAMs are now taking agents off of regularly scheduled “high risk” flights to put them on flights with members of Congress, that in most cases have their own armed federal security details onboard already. It has become akin to a type of extremely expensive concierge service for Congressional members.”

Members of Congress are supposed to be serving us, but with this, they’re taking away protection that’s actually needed elsewhere for Americans. The marshals aren’t supposed to be servants or security for Congress. This has the potential of putting national security at risk.


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