WATCH: Tim Scott Warns of Dangers Americans Face From IRS Provision in Reconciliation Bill

Senate Television via AP

We’ve been reporting on some of the dangers in the budget reconciliation bill, the huge bonanza of a spending spree. that Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) are pushing that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has called “fiscal insanity.”


Of course the cost, which they claim is $3.5 trillion (when they’re not lying and saying it costs “zero dollars) is a bit problem, but as we noted it’s actually likely more than that, at $5.5 trillion.

But even worse than the cost are the dangers of some of the provisions.

One of the most problematic, potentially, is the provision that will basically allow the IRS to look into the bank accounts of everyone in America — that will enable them to look at any inflow or outflow of $600 or more.

We’ve already see the control the Biden administration and the Democrats are able to exert through the COVID mandates and restrictions, and the demonizing of the unvaccinated. Now, imagine if the government was able — legally — to look into anyone’s bank account and the dangers that that could present. We saw the weaponizing of the IRS under Barack Obama with the Tea Party and similar conservative groups. What more could they do if they were able to snoop into everyone’s account and learn all about your life?

Listen to this report that makes that point and winds up with a terrific comment from Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), which I will quote in full.


From Daily Mail:

‘Banks do not work for the IRS,’ Lummis said. ‘This is invasive of privacy. Wyoming’s people literally will find alternatives to traditional banks just to thwart IRS access to their personal information, not because they’re trying to hide anything, but because they are not willing to share everything.’

The senator asked Yellen if she was ‘aware how unnecessary this regulatory burden is?’

‘Do you distrust the American people so much that you need to know when they bought a couch?’ Lummis asked. ‘Or a cow?’

‘I am astounded by what you’re supporting and proposing. I think it’s invasive. I think privacy for individuals is being ignored. And I think that treating the American people like they are subjects of the government is unconscionable.’

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) also tore apart the provision in a great oration that exposed the real problems and spoke of how they would know if you bought school clothes for your kids, or you bought tires for the car.


“The content of this legislation is more dangerous than the amount of the legislation,” Scott said. “And, I gotta tell you, $3.5 trillion is pretty dangerous. But more dangerous than the $3.5 trillion is the IRS empowered to take a look at every single transaction. Not only the $600 but doubling the number of IRS agents with the $80 billion in this package, doubling the number of agents to come take a look at your family businesses, your family accounts. Destructive.”

Over the past year. we’ve seen how governments around the world can be when you give them more power. We’ve seen the examples in this country. Why would we essentially double the IRS and give them this power to invade into the privacy of all of our lives? It’s more than just fiscal insanity. It’s straight-up lunacy.


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