Even MSNBC's Chuck Todd Admits Biden Has 'Credibility Crisis,' as Former World Leader Mocks Biden

Even MSNBC's Chuck Todd Admits Biden Has 'Credibility Crisis,' as Former World Leader Mocks Biden
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Folks on the left were fond of claiming that President Donald Trump wasn’t liked by some in the rest of the world. Part of that is true — that when you advocate for the the U.S.’s position in international exchanges, the people who formally thought they could run over the U.S. might be unhappy.

They no longer had Barack Obama who was desperately craving their approval and willing to bend over, giving them anything. The difference?

What Trump did was in the interest of the United States. Under Trump, our foreign policy interests were advanced. Our enemies knew not to try to test us because we had strength in the White House. Our ‘friends’ in NATO knew they had to pay their fair share because we pushed them to do so. We were no longer being run over.

Then came Joe Biden. And if we just had him bending over as Obama did, with the apology tour around the world, that would have been bad enough. Instead on top of that, we got even more incompetence than under Obama. We have other world leaders laughing at Biden at the G7. We have other leaders condemning him for his incompetence in Afghanistan on the floor of Parliament in Great Britain, asking if they can trust America again after that.

How bad is it? Biden has a big speech coming before the UN on Tuesday. Even MSNBC’s Chuck Todd is admitting that Biden has a big “credibility crisis” — not only here at home, where Todd pointed out the border crisis, but across the world where there’s a questions if they view America not just as a “stable democracy” but as a “competent leader of the free world.”

“And of course, the border,” Todd said. “We can talk about the border problems, you could say they’re years in the making, but it’s pretty clear that we have a bigger problem now than we’ve had in years, and these policies have turned it into becoming a magnet.”

When even his buddies in the media are throwing him under the bus, you know Biden is in trouble.

As evidence of that “credibility crisis,” former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is now mocking him for where he looked like he was falling asleep during a meeting with the new PM, Naftali Bennett.

“I heard that Biden was very attentive at this meeting. He dropped his head in agreement,” Netanyahu joked in a Facebook video posted Sunday, according to Reuters. He then dropped his own head, as if to mock Biden falling asleep.

Biden has a lot to dig out from under. But he just seems intent on digging himself a bigger hole. It’s all his own fault and, unfortunately for him, he seems unable to get it together. He keeps repeating all the same issues and problems that got him in this trouble.

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