Biden Gets Trolled by Cute Little Kids in Trump Gear

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Joe Biden went to all three 9/11 memorial sites on Saturday, the 20th anniversary of the attack. But as we previously reported, he didn’t deliver any formal remarks at any of them because his handlers likely didn’t want him to put his foot in his mouth on such a serious occasion. Instead he delivered prerecorded remarks about “unity” in a video where he didn’t look well, looking off into the distance. But in Shanksville, PA, the site where Flight 93 came down, he messed up the whole plan by speaking at length to reporters and getting in trouble with some of the things he said.


Biden also got pretty hilariously trolled by some little kids, two of whom were wearing Trump gear — “Trump” and “Make America Great Again” hats and a T-shirt that has Trump saying, “I’ll be back” like the Terminator.

Now we have to hand it to those little kids, that’s pretty funny and you can see how excited they are, likely having a good laugh about it.

Biden being Biden has his arm around one of the girls, still not learning “Don’t touch the kids.” His mask is down, despite being in the crowd of kids he doesn’t know. Why he has it on outdoors when he’s been vaccinated is anyone’s guess. He did something similar when he pulled down the mask to shout at someone during the Ground Zero ceremonies. The kids here have more sense than he does, none of them is wearing a mask outdoors. As some have pointed out, there’s even a box in the back of the picture with a “Q” on it coincidentally for some product. Even a box was trolling Biden in that picture.

Now did Biden get he was being sent a message by the kids? Oh, yes, as he revealed later in his off the cuff remarks to reporters. What he should have just done is laughed and be classy with the kids, said, “That’s a good one” or something like that and people would have given him props for taking it well. But then, he wouldn’t be Joe Biden, who takes no challenge well, who doesn’t like being one upped, even by little kids.


Biden in his remarks, used the kids wearing Trump hats (not sure he absorbed the t-shirt) to start talking about how we all had to fight against “autocrats.” I wrote about the remarks on Saturday but the picture of the kids didn’t really come out until last night.

“The real issue” for those kids, Biden said, was “for them, in the next four, five, six, ten years, demonstrate that democracy is going to work?” He then said he’s had conversations with Xi Jinping of China and a summit with Vladimir Putin, saying there are a lot of autocrats who think democracies can’t function in the 21st century. Biden said they think you can’t bring people together, that the only people who are going to succeed are the autocrats.

What do cute little kids with Trump hats have to do with autocrats, Joe? Very bad optics to suggest any connection, particularly given the occasion. Once again, not the time or place to be injecting politics against his opponent. But he has to try to run them down in some way because that’s classic Joe when he’s challenged. It wasn’t President Donald Trump trying to impose vaccine mandates on people or going all in with the teachers unions hindering kids getting back to full time school. That was some other autocrat you can identify, if you look in the mirror.



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