Pelosi Warns Us That 'Mother Nature' Is Angry With Us, but She Knows How to Cure That

One of the big talking points of the Democrats in the wake of Hurricane Ida has been how this proves the worsening nature of climate change. They don’t prove their point, but hey, who needs evidence? The point being, of course, to give them lots of money and control, and they will “fix” everything.


Joe Biden pushed this claim during his visit to flood-damaged areas in New York and New Jersey, making a lot of weird remarks like people don’t call tornadoes by that name anymore and saying he wanted to have electricity with zero emissions by 2020 (not seeming to understand what year we were in now). He then lied about and attacked Americans for daring to yell at him about his actions in Afghanistan.

Today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi picked up on that theme and wanted all Americans to know that “Mother Nature wasn’t happy with us.”

“We see the wildfires in the West … It’s so devastating. As you see the floods of Ida, the storms of Ida in the South and in the Northeast, Mother Nature is not happy with us, in terms of how we recognize the challenges that face us. Climate crisis is real. Human behavior has an impact on it.” After attacking Republicans, claiming “the fossil fuel industry weighs in very heavily with some of the people on the other side of the aisle,” Pelosi then dropped the hammer, saying she hoped to move forward with “very significant legislation.”


This is the party that claims that they’re about science? They’re not, but they like to put that propaganda out there. And Pelosi’s pushing some fiction about “Mother Nature” not being happy with us? “Devout Catholic” warbling about pagan symbols? Pro tip, Nancy? There is actually no “Mother Nature” who has a personality to be angry at anyone and if you’re going to make claims about storms, you have to back it up with a little evidence. But of course, according to Pelosi, “Mother Nature” wants us to give the Democrats tons of our money for whatever latest legislation that Pelosi has up her sleeve or we will get hit with worse storms. Talk about pushing propaganda; whatever it takes to grab our money.


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