Leaked Email Reveals How the State Department Obstructed Private Efforts to Save Americans at Mazar-i-Sharif

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Pool

We reported previously that private organizers trying to help get people out of Afghanistan had blamed the State Department for the hold up of planes in Mazar-i-Sharif that were trying to fly Americans and Afghan allies out to safety.


Now Eric Montalvo, who was behind organizing some of the flights, has shared with Fox News an email that shows just how many roadblocks the State Department threw up in their efforts to save Americans.

The State Department basically shut down all options for them to get people out, as the email shows. They wouldn’t let them land in the U.S. or on a U.S. military base, and they wouldn’t give them permission to land in another country, which they said they would need.

“No independent charters are allowed to land at [Al Udeid Air Base], the military airbase you mentioned in your communication with Samantha Power. In fact, no charters are allowed to land at an [sic] DoD base and most if not all countries in the Middle Eastern region, with the exception of perhaps Saudi Arabia will allow charters to land,” the official wrote.

“You need to find another destination country, and it can’t be the U.S. either.”

The official noted that though some third countries “may require” official approval from the State Department before accepting the private charter flights, the department “will not provide” that approval.

“Once you have had discussions with the host/destination country and reached an agreement, they may require some indication from the USG that we ‘approve’ of this charter flight. DOS will not provide an approval, but we will provide a ‘no objection’ to the destination country government via the U.S. Embassy in that country.”


So basically they foreclosed them getting out at all. That’s the “paperwork” thatJen Psaki is saying that held them up – the Biden Administration being ridiculous in the middle of a screaming emergency. Remember, this is the same administration that will let everyone and their mother across our Southern border, no questions asked. But they wouldn’t even grant approval for them to land in a third country or hold them on a military base until whoever needs to be checked, is checked. They didn’t apply this same standard when they had control of the Kabul airport, but now they’re going to apply it when Americans are in danger and under the thumb of the Taliban directly? They’d rather risk over 100 American lives? Meanwhile, the private organizations said they were doing all they could to work with them but the State Department wasn’t cooperating.

So, that’s where we are with this insanity currently, and the Biden Administration can’t even begin to be honest about it.


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