'Weak and Incompetent' Biden Busted With 'Cheat Sheets' Again During Louisiana Trip

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden is trying to flip the script away from the disaster of Afghanistan by traveling to Louisiana to see Hurricane Ida damage.

But his issues still follow him. We’ve seen in the past how he’s had difficulty remembering who is who. Listen here at :58 when in March, he refers to the leader of Afghanistan as “Kayani.” The leader of Afghanistan was Ashraf Ghani. He appears to confuse him with the controversial former chief of Pakistan’s army, the retired General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.


“He is the leader, quote, in Afghanistan and Kabul,” Biden said. Maybe that’s why he had such trouble in Afghanistan when he didn’t even know who the president is and doesn’t even accord him his title. As we reported, not only did he make that mistake, but then the White House seemed to stealth edit it out of the transcript of what he said.

To avoid having anything like that happen in Louisiana, his people prepared him “cheat sheets” with the pictures of the local officials with whom he was going to meet — what their names and titles were. Except Biden got busted with the cheat sheets because he kept them sticking out of his back pocket.

From Fox News:

On the notes that were photographed in Biden’s back pocket, the names of Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng and New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell could be seen.

“Can Joe Biden do anything without a cheat sheet? He couldn’t give a speech on Afghanistan after 5 PM,” said Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe. “It’s abundantly clear he’s not operating on full cylinders. He should be in retirement, not leading a country. It’s time we start talking about it more. Everyone sees it.”


This isn’t the first time Biden has been busted with cheat sheets. He’s used them multiple times including during his first formal press conference back in March when he not only had the faces and names of the reporters that he sees all the time there on the sheet to remind him, but the numbers indicating when he was supposed to call on them next to their names.

“Given his track record of hiding in his basement during the presidential election, it’s not surprising that President Biden depends on cheat sheets,” Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli said about the controversy. “Biden is lost and fumbles badly without notes and the teleprompter. It’s fundamentally dangerous the U.S. has such a weak and incompetent president. The world is watching including our adversaries.

Borelli added, “Then-candidate Biden wasn’t challenged by the media and when interviewed was given softball questions. Now America knows why his handlers want him to have limited media access because he’s incapable of sensible communication.”

The problem isn’t in having notes — the problem is that he can’t seem to operate without them and that even with them, he makes embarrassing errors like misidentifying the president of Afghanistan. More than that, as we’ve seen, that underlies a greater inability to deal normally with critical issues that he has to deal with. That’s how we get things like the Afghanistan debacle. Remove the notes and what you’d have would be a confused Biden just looking off into space, not knowing what to do or say.



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