Now This Is Joy

Texas A&M midnight yell (Credit: Texas A&M Soccer)

After so long being suppressed by COVID fear porn, this weekend there were some fabulous scenes at games around the country of people crowded all together, just flat-out having fun, with a joy that I haven’t seen in more than a year and a half. It made me realize how much I’ve missed it and how much we have been missing with the fear that was propagated from the virus.


Here are a few of the scenes and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Here’s Penn State vs. Wisconsin with the fans just making the house shake.

This was just beautiful — Texas A&M’s “midnight yell.”

Then there was the Virginia Tech-North Carolina game. I loved the happiness of the service members, particularly after how hard the past weeks have been with Afghanistan.

What a wonderful thing to see people enjoying life in crowds again.

So what’s the Democratic response to joy? Liberal tears. They would like you to continue to cower in your home.

Here’s Democratic operative Joe Lockhart decrying that people aren’t fearful enough, that none of the media were talking about masks, vaccines, or COVID risks.


“Dozens of college football games on TV yesterday with 100’s of thousands fans in the stadium and not one word about Covid risk, vaccines or masks,” Lockhart steamed. “It’s the latest example of how we don’t take Covid seriously and the Sports media turning a blind eye for profit.”

No, the examples of how the Democrats don’t take it seriously are Barack Obama’s huge birthday party. Democrats demanding you wear masks and then not wearing them themselves when they feel like breaking their own mandates.

If you want to live in fear, that’s your choice. But it’s also not life. This is life. This is joy. And thank God, it’s back.


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