Pallets of Cash for Hostages? Biden's National Security Adviser Talks Giving Aid to the Taliban

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan about the question of sending aid to the Taliban.

You would think, at this point in time, that would be a laughable question after we just came off years of fighting them.


But apparently it’s not too much for Sullivan.

Sullivan said that they did intend to keep giving humanitarian aid going through NGOs to the Afghan people. But the Taliban now control the everything, including the banks, so I wouldn’t bet that all that money going to the NGOs is going to get to them and/or stay with them to ultimately get to the people. Sullivan also said that other types of cash/aid — economic and developmental assistance assistance — would depend on the “Taliban’s actions,” whether they “follow through on their commitments, their commitments to safe passage for Americans and Afghan allies.” He said it depended on their commitment to keeping Afghanistan from becoming a haven for terrorists. That’s delusional: It already is a haven for terrorism. The Taliban themselves are the terrorists. Not to mention all the ISIS-K, al Qaeda and Haqqani people. But more than that — what did he just say? Because it surely sounded a lot like he said they would get money if people — Americans and Afghan allies — who were still trapped in Afghanistan were allowed to leave. Sounds like a slow-moving hostage deal and did we just hear the bribe?

So, let’s see. We left our folks there and allies who needed to get out. We left the Taliban billions of dollars’ worth of equipment through the Afghan army, which they can now use for terrorism or to oppress the people. But now the Biden folks potentially want to funnel even more money to these characters that would keep them in power? The Taliban can hold them up for it, too, saying they have Americans.


The Biden folks are not kidding either with all this talk about aid, according to Newsmax.

The United States last week issued a license authorizing it and its partners to continue to facilitate humanitarian aid in Afghanistan, a Treasury Department official told Reuters, after the Taliban, which is blacklisted by Washington, seized control of the country this month.

The specific license, issued by the Treasury Department last Wednesday, authorizes the U.S. government and its contractors to support humanitarian assistance to people in Afghanistan, including the delivery of food and medicine, despite U.S. sanctions on the Taliban.

So, in the midst of all the craziness last week, they authorized this license to give aid to get around the sanctions. While it might not be going to the Taliban directly, it at least will have the temporary effect of propping up the economy so the people don’t rise up and throw the Taliban out. Thus, even if we say that that’s going “to the people,” it has the complementary effect of helping the Taliban.

From Daily Mail:

Afghanistan has long been one of the top recipients of foreign aid in the world, and the Taliban will likely rely on the continued flow of aid to maintain basic services.

The White House says that since 2002 the US has poured $36 billion in civilian assistance, including $787 million specifically intended to support Afghan women and girls, and nearly $3.9 billion in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

Between the years 2013 and 2018, nearly $300 billion in U.S. taxpayer money flowed as aid to other countries, according to watchdog group OpenThe


Joe Biden has put us in a box once again where we’re likely to see “pallets of cash” and negotiations with terrorists for hostages. Heck, Sullivan is saying they get money depending on whether they let people out — he’s literally saying it. Meanwhile, the Taliban are holding mock funerals for us in the country, parading around with a coffins draped in American flags. We obviously live in a very twisted situation right now — with Joe Biden in charge.


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