'Rules for Thee But Not for Me' Now Catches Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

(AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Is there any politician who isn’t a hypocrite when it comes to the rules that they seek to impose on the rest of us?

How often have we seen them impose the rules and then flout them themselves? Everyone from our infamous He Who Shall Be Recalled Gov. Gavin Newsom and his French Laundry episode to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), with her forbidden trip to the salon after which she then blamed the salon owner.


Now, the next politician in the barrel — Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Wheeler has become known for the horrible job that he’s done over the past year in response to the rampant BLM/Antifa violence in his city. Since the beginning of this year, he’stried to sound tougher in words, but they still don’t seem to have gone after the leadership.

Meanwhile, he is concentrating on telling folks in Portland to wear a mask.

On August 13, Wheeler tweeted, “Oregon’s indoor face-covering requirement is in effect as of today. Please join me in making a commitment to protect those around us by wearing a mask at all times while indoors.”

But then NY Times correspondent Mike Baker busted him with this picture, taken last week, after the mandate had gone into effect, with Wheeler clearly holding a meeting.


But they were “actively drinking or eating,” he claimed. Um, no, you weren’t — you’re holding a meeting with some folks, with water on one of the tables.

Basically what Wheeler is saying to us is that you’re cool with the virus, as long as you have a water bottle in the same room with you. Is that the message he’s sending here? They’re serious about this virus when it comes to controlling you, not so much when it comes to their own behavior.

So, now the answer is just carry around water with you everywhere and say, “I’m actively drinking,” when questioned. Call it the Wheeler dictate.

This just shows that their “rules” are made of Swiss cheese — and really amount to just whatever they say they are.


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