DeSantis' Press Sec Skewers Media for Misleading Headline About COVID Deaths in Florida

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Some folks on the left have been pushing COVID stats as some kind of a response to the catastrophe that’s happening. I’m not sure what they think that proves. If we go by the standards by which they judged President Donald Trump, then Joe Biden is responsible for every COVID death on his watch as well. So, if the point is to deflect blame from Biden, it’s not working.


Here’s one particularly despicable effort from a Lincoln Project guy, downplaying the deaths of our troops in Afghanistan from the suicide bombings.

It’s actually 13 American members of the military, and far more Afghans that this guy fails to even mention — with 170 deaths total.

Now, he’s trying to attack Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in so doing. But in addition to trying to downplaying the attacks to give Joe Biden some cover, there was another big problem with the statistic: it was straight-up false.

Where did that statistic of 901 people dying in a single day come from?

It came from a deceptive headline from the Miami Herald and a deceptive tweet from the Sun Sentinel.

Here’s what the Twitter ‘top news’ had as well, still up today if you search “901.”


So, anyone reading that would obviously believe that 901 people had died in one day: August 25.

Except that wasn’t true. The 901 number comes from weeks of backlogged information that was just added in one day.

This is information that came from over four weeks of a backlog of deaths, not from one day.

The actual number for August 25 was nine deaths.

Now, the reporter who wrote the Miami Herald story is trying to justify his headline, claiming that it was accurate because 901 were reported in one day.


Obviously, many people — including the ridiculous despicable Lincoln Project guy — were taken in by the deceptive tweet and/or headline.

But, then you had people with huge accounts spreading this.

Vice President of Editorial & Booking for MSNBC:

DNC member using the lie to attack DeSantis:

If it were just a one-off thing, one might buy that it’s accidental or a poorly-worded headline. But, the media “mistakes” always seem to go against DeSantis. Then the lie gets spread by the Democratic operatives, and one lie builds on another lie. It’s what they constantly did with President Donald Trump.

But DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, let them have it for their misleading effort.



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