Biden Starts to Pull US Troops From Kabul and It Gets Even Worse

Biden Starts to Pull US Troops From Kabul and It Gets Even Worse
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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked when the troops would be pulling out and she refused to answer the question.

Turns out the reason she may not want to share that information is because it’s already underway, according to a report from Bret Baier. The U.S. has already started to remove troops, they’re only accepting Americans for evacuation at this point, no longer any Afghans. After that, they are being told they’re on their own which will leave thousands behind.

Now, this isn’t what Joe Biden just said in his speech, he’s suggesting there could be a contingency plan past August 31, although he claims they can get everyone out by August 31. But that doesn’t square with what’s being heard on the ground, this report, or the earlier report of what he said to the G-7. Unfortunately, at this point, we can’t believe anything Biden says. The media reports have been far more accurate than Joe Biden and it’s pretty clear that he’s going to pull people by that date.

Biden is completely risk-averse — that’s why he couldn’t pull the trigger on Osama bin Laden and was infamously the person who voted against taking him out in Barack Obama’s administration. That’s why he said he was going to pull out of Afghanistan for years, and “f**k” the allies. He’d rather strand thousands of people than test the Taliban’s threat, that’s what Joe Biden is about. That’s why he’s willing to completely capitulate and even antagonize our allies in the G-7.

That’s not sitting well with the G-7 and in particular from the U.K, so much so that we’re hearing things like the “special relationship is over.”

But this failure to actually protect our citizens, our allies, or deal with the Taliban is not only harming our relationships with our allies and encouraging aggressiveness from our enemies, it almost guarantees that we’re going to have a greater problem in Afghanistan in the future — that we’re going to have to deal with potentially thousands of hostages and once again an Islamic terrorist state.

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