Tony Blair, Boris Johnson Have Choice Words for 'Sleepy Joe's' 'Imbecilic' Afghanistan Actions

Tony Blair, Boris Johnson Have Choice Words for 'Sleepy Joe's' 'Imbecilic' Afghanistan Actions
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Joe Biden falsely claimed yesterday that no allies were questioning his credibility when it came to his actions on Afghanistan.

This, of course, was an easily disprovable lie as many have, in particular, our strongest allies, the British.

The U.K. Parliament held him in contempt, and former soldier-turned-Conservative MP, Tom Tugendhat leveled him in a devastating House of Commons speech.

Part of the problem was not just that Joe pulled out, it was that he lied to them at the G-7 in June, saying he would keep a small force there to keep things under control. Then, when the British were desperate for information as Kabul was falling, Biden blew off Boris Johnson’s calls for two days.

As ABC’s Terry Moran explains, Biden’s claims aren’t true at all — that even liberal, former British prime minister Tony Blair blasted Biden’s actions as “imbecilic.”

“We didn’t need to do it,” Mr Blair wrote in an op-ed. “We chose to do it. We did it in obedience to an imbecilic political slogan about ending ‘the forever wars’.”

Not only that, Blair said that Biden’s actions were “tragic, dangerous and unnecessary” and had “every Jihadist group round the world cheering.” He said these actions likely reversed the gains made during the occupation, and that the West needed to figure out if they were going to deal with Radical Islam as many parts of a whole that all needed to be defeated — as we did with Communism around the world — or not.

Blair claimed that Biden did it for domestic, political reasons, but that it was a “serious mistake.” Now China and Russia were likely to occupy the vacuum that the Western powers had left in Afghanistan because of the gains lost.

Boris Johnson, whom Biden had blown off for two days after the fall of Kabul, also had some choice words for Joe, allegedly.

Cabinet insiders have suggested the President was ‘gaga’ and ‘doolally’ for withdrawing so quickly, while the Prime Minister has allegedly privately referred to Mr Biden as ‘Sleepy Joe’, the nickname coined by Donald Trump. Mr Johnson also allegedly remarked Britain ‘would be better off with Trump’ – allegations branded ‘categorically untrue’ by Downing Street.

That’s one of those things that they have to deny, but you know they really wanted out there. Which says a lot about what they think of Biden at this point, and how he has really damaged the credibility of the United States.

Remember how Joe Biden bragged about “American being back” when he met with our allies at the G-7? It doesn’t sound like they agree, Joe. It sounds like they’d much rather have President Donald Trump back.

Unfortunately we’re now all stuck, and the world is stuck, with the results of Democrats’ mad grab for power, without regard for how that might endanger the country. It’s a very dangerous position to be in with someone who may have dementia as the ‘leader of the free world.’ Perhaps even more so — because the people making the decisions seem as clueless as he is.

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