Billboard That Gives Joe Biden a Licking May Spawn Even More Criticism of Him

Billboard That Gives Joe Biden a Licking May Spawn Even More Criticism of Him
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As we reported yesterday, there was an electronic billboard at the corner of Eastwood Road and Racine Drive in Wilmington, North Carolina that was giving Joe Biden a licking, mocking his response to Biden’s bungling in Afghanistan. Our story later got picked up by Fox News and the billboard is now being widely covered by other outlets.

The rotating billboard superimposed Biden eating ice cream over the picture of the helicopter taking off from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. Then another scene showed Biden peeking out from behind blinds, a seeming take on his constant hiding from the public.

Some speculated that perhaps the billboard had been hacked.

But, in fact, according to the NY Post, Donald Tedder the owner of Tedder Billboards says that an anonymous buyer had contacted him to put up the ads about Biden because the buyer had just had enough of him, after seeing all the chaos that was unfolding in Afghanistan, with the failure to get out all the Americans and Afghan allies. The person was “disappointed by what has been happening,” Tedder said. The person had thought about writing a letter to the newspaper but thought that this might reach more people. Tedder said, “I think it worked better than we expected it to.” It was “not too offensive” and “funny” — but shows that “the country needs to pay attention to what [the government] is doing.” The person hopes that when the people see the billboard that they’ll “start questioning what the country is doing and what they themselves are doing to make this country a better place.” It’s supposed to run for a couple more weeks.

The billboard even reached Donald Trump, Jr. “This is apparently a billboard in Wilmington North Carolina from the pics that a buddy sent me they get it thanks guys hopefully the rest of the world doesn’t have to keep learning the hard way about the Biden administration’s incompetence,” he wrote on an Instagram post.

Now that the word about the billboard has gone out across the country and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, Tedder said, there may be more coming. Tedder said folks from other states have been calling him up and asking if he has billboards in their states including Florida, Washington, Virginia, and Tennessee, saying, “Great, about time someone said something.”

So can we expect the Great Billboard Revolution? I’m not sure how expensive such an undertaking is. But it does show that people have had enough with Joe Biden and are willing to put their money where their mouth is to say something about it. That’s another bad sign for Joe Biden.

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