WATCH: Shots Fired in Crowd of People Trying to Flee Taliban at Gate Into Kabul Airport

WATCH: Shots Fired in Crowd of People Trying to Flee Taliban at Gate Into Kabul Airport
Shots fired at the Kabul Airport (Credit: Bill Roggio)

As we reported last night, in a shameful message, the Biden government told American citizens trapped in Afghanistan that they would have to figure out a way to get to the Kabul airport on their own if they wanted to get out. This after telling them on Sunday to shelter in place, when Sunday was probably the last chance to get to the airport without having to go through the Taliban.

Of course, the problem with their instruction was that now the Taliban is ringing the airport and blocking all the entrances. So you would have to run a gauntlet to get into the airport.

The Biden team is saying that they worked out an agreement with the Taliban to let people past for a couple of weeks. But it’s unclear if that’s being being adhered to because who is willing to trust the Taliban?

Meanwhile, there are reports of the Taliban beating and whipping people along the road to the airport. According to photographer Marcus Yam, several people were wounded yesterday by the Taliban, including a woman and a child, as thousands tried to get to the airport.

There was a report that it was safe/secure to go to the North Gate. There was at least one report that some people were getting through with heroic efforts.

But then Bill Roggio, editor of the Long War Journal and an expert on Islamic terrorism in the area, posted some very troubling scenes of what happened at the gate.

Joe Biden, and perhaps more problematically, the military, who should have known better, closed Bagram air base which would have been a protected fortified place to get people out from. Why would you restrict yourself so? It’s madness and a colossal military blunder.

This is what it looked like. The very definition of a chaotic exit.

So again, to Joe Biden, what are you doing to help and resolve this situation?

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