CNN Reporter's Description of Taliban Chanting 'Death to America' Is One for the Books

CNN Reporter's Description of Taliban Chanting 'Death to America' Is One for the Books
CNN's Clarissa Ward in Kabul with Taliban (Credit: CNN)

CNN reporting on the downfall of Afghanistan has surprisingly had some high points.

There’s actually been some real journalism from folks like Jake Tapper who really questioned Secretary of State Antony Blinken over the disaster and didn’t let him off the hook. “Aren’t we already in the middle of a Saigon moment?” Tapper asked Blinken. Blinken denied that, arguing that Afghanistan was a “success” because they’d achieved their goals of stopping terrorism coming from the country.

How embarrassing that remark is. But good for Tapper for committing some journalism and pressing him on the obvious spinning of the moment.

But then that brings us to what one of their reporters said that’s going viral today. It’s more on point with their “mostly peaceful protest” approach.

“They’re just chanting death to America, but they seem friendly at the same time. It’s utterly bizarre,” reporter Clarissa Ward said. Um, yes, that’s a pretty bizarre thought for any reporter to have in such a situation, even a CNN reporter. I don’t think that “friendly” is the word I’d use to describe these throwbacks to the seventh century who have terrorized the country and will be killing a ton of people who helped us, now that we have pulled out. They’re shooting civilians in the streets, enslaving little girls to be “wives” for their fighters and people are so fearful of them they’re willing to hang on to the wheels of airplanes to get away. But yeah, “friendly.”

Here’s a longer clip of the reporter.

Needless to say, Ward’s take did not go over well on social media where people compared it to CNN’s “mostly peaceful” take on the BLM/Antifa riots.

Some also noted how “friendly” those effects were as demonstrated by the reporter herself. Here’s what she normally wears versus what she felt she had to wear to report around the Taliban.

A stark reminder of the terror that is now going to be imposed on millions of women throughout the land. Unfortunately, that’s going to be the long-lasting effect of what’s going on now — oppression for all those people. Not a very “friendly” picture of the future.

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