China Mocks US Over Biden's Afghanistan Failure, Uses It to Undermine Confidence With Our Allies

Yao Dawei/Xinhua via AP

Democrats have never understood the concept of peace through strength.

But it’s something that Republicans like Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump understood. One of the reasons that Trump was able to get peace deals negotiated and ward off wars was because he was such a force. People didn’t want to challenge him because they knew he would respond. And his response set enemies and possible enemies back on their heels.


However, it was never something that Barack Obama or Joe Biden understood. To them, it was all about “talking” and bending over for our enemies. Such weakness breeds aggressiveness from our enemies. Weakness breeds more war.

Now Biden has shown he’s even worse than Obama. He’s humiliated us before the world with his weakness of Afghanistan, basically turning the country over to terrorists in a massive withdrawal failure and all the jihadis are celebrating declaring victory, according to Thomas Joscelyn of the Long War Journal. Thomas Joscelyn just said on Fox News that this was a “victory for Al Qaeda.”

But it’s not just Islamic terrorists who now feel emboldened.

China has also taken note of what has happened.

Global Times, one of China’s more aggressive (and state-run) media arms, mocked the United States and is now saying that we cannot be counted on as an ally to Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The Washington Examiner covers the Times editorial on Afghanistan:

The shambolic evacuation of Afghanistan “has dealt a heavy blow to the credibility and reliability of the U.S.”

“From what happened in Afghanistan,” the editorial continues, “[Taiwan] should perceive that once a war breaks out in the [Taiwan-China] Straits, the island’s defense will collapse in hours and the U.S. military won’t come to help. As a result, the [Taiwanese] authorities will quickly surrender, while some high-level officials may flee by plane.”


It isn’t just the pull-out and leaving the allies in the lurch. It’s that Biden blamed them, suggesting they didn’t want to fight and that they help, even as they begged for it – so much so that people were holding onto the wheels of a plane taking off. That is a gut punch to any ally who is now stuck in Afghanistan and was relying on Joe Biden to help him. He threw our obligation to help them just out the window. And that’s a horrible message to any other ally now about what he might do in the future. That’s a hugely damaging thing for our national interests around the world and China is doing all it can to make hay out of it with our allies.

Notice the Times doesn’t say “if” war breaks out but “once” it breaks out. That’s also a message and a threat. They have spent the past week threatening Taiwan. So Biden has not only emboldened terrorists in Afghanistan; he’s emboldened the Communists in China as well, and that may come back to haunt us big time.


I hope that the people who didn’t like “mean tweets” and consequently voted for this guy understand the horrible trade they made. This has grave consequences for the United States and our standing all over the world.


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