Bad Signs at the US Embassy in Kabul That Show They're in Deep Trouble

AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib

Joe Biden is on vacation as things are falling apart in Afghanistan.

Biden refused to take questions before he left and had previously said that we weren’t going to be seeing an airlift like off the rooftop of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War. Then yesterday, there were reports of the Biden team having to plead with the Taliban to leave our Embassy in Kabul alone. We had to send 3000 troops in to help evacuate the Embassy and Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby called it an airlift. State Department spokesperson Ned Price still claimed it was “not an evacuation,” even in the face of all that.


But today, it’s apparently even worse. How do we know, even though the Biden team is trying to downplay things?

Sources have told Fox that officials are now destroying documents as well as equipment like computers and phones at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

That’s the kind of thing you do right before you know it’s about to fall.

From Fox News:

“Drawdowns at our diplomatic posts around the world follow a standard operating procedure designed to minimize our footprint across various categories, including staffing, equipment, and supplies,” a State Department spokesperson told Fox News on Friday. “Embassy Kabul is conducting their drawdown in accordance with this standard operating procedure.”


Translation: dumping what we can before we get taken over.

“We’re not focused on the history of the Vietnam War,” Kirby had said. Maybe they should have been. Because those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. Had they prepared better and not sat on their hands for the past six months, they might not be in this situation now.

What they did yesterday was truly embarrassing, even reportedly offering promises of possible future aid to the Taliban terrorists if they left the Embassy alone. That’s shameful, that’s the situation Biden has left us in.

We’re the greatest superpower in the world that just last year, under President Donald Trump, had achieved Middle East peace deals. Now, under Joe Biden, we’re bending over to terrorists, having to resend in troops just to ensure people get out alive and burning everything as we flee.


It’s only been seven months, and already Biden has brought us to such a story state, it’s hard to believe.

But no worries, Joe’s having a nice vacation, getting in plenty of naps, and eating lots of ice cream.



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