More Good News May Be Coming With Word About Pelosi's Next Move

More Good News May Be Coming With Word About Pelosi's Next Move
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

After a banging news day yesterday, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo on his way out the door, we’re hearing some more good news that might be coming.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who has held onto the Speaker’s chair with her graspy claws for as long as she possibly could, despite being 81 years old, reportedly will be announcing that she’s going to be stepping down as Speaker “probably after next year’s midterm elections,” according to Edward-Isaac Dovere of The Atlantic.

When she was last voted in, she had agreed to a deal for no more than four years so this would be consistent with that, although they aren’t saying with certainty that she will be stepping aside.

But that might not be all.

According to the California Globe, which covers the California political craziness, their sources are saying that she may not even run again. the reasoning? That she has “no desire to serve in minority.” According to their sources, they say this is why she is so hot to push for the infrastructure deal to be completed during what may be her 18th and final term.

Now, that’s also a great thing to hear, not just because it would mean she’s stepping down, but because it also indicates that she thinks that Republicans are going to take back the House. History is on the GOP’s side for their chances, perhaps especially so with all the negatives that are beginning to pile up against Joe Biden and the Democrats.

The one issue with both Cuomo and Pelosi stepping aside would be the problem of people who are farther left coming in, as the Democrats become more and more radical.

Her likely successor is Hakeem Jeffries who does define himself as a progressive, but says “there’s a difference between progressive Democrats and hard-left democratic socialists.” He said he has no plans to ever “bend the knee to hard-left democratic socialism” regardless of the pressure other lawmakers and activists put on him.

So he’s definitely more left than Pelosi, but at least saying the right things right now in regard to socialism (assuming he holds to them).

But, of course, the better move is to take back the House and hold it so there isn’t even a question and I think that’s coming. At this point, it’s still a way off, but the anger against Joe Biden and the Democrats is growing and it’s only going to get worse as all his policies really start to take effect and bite into people. We’re already seeing that with inflation and the border which is causing his approval to fall. So I think it’s a pretty good bet and Pelosi sees the writing on the wall.

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