Alexander Vindman Stomps His Little Feet When Americans Show They Don't Care About His Book

Remember Alexander Vindman? He’s the guy who thought he got to dictate what foreign policy was and not the President. He disagreed with what was said in a phone call between President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president. What he should have done was resign, if he disagreed. Instead, he went all resistance and tried to do in Trump. But ultimately, that gambit failed — like so many other gambits to get Trump failed.


But Vindman is still trying to sell himself as somehow an important person. It’s really rather sad, how desperate he is for relevance.

“I was the driving force behind this whole thing. I’m getting some chills thinking about this right now,” Vindman claimed. Oh, my. This guy. He failed. Badly. What’s funny is that he doesn’t get how none of them give a rap about him anymore, because he’s no longer needed; he was just a useful idiot.

He’s going on CBS, trying to push his pretentious excuse for a book, “Here, Right Matters.” He’s trying to make bank off of his testimony, the title being what he pompously declared during testimony, thinking he had the right to determine what foreign policy should be. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that “here, right matters” — or there never would have been an impeachment to begin with, and Joe Biden wouldn’t be in office.


But, there’s sort of a hilarious kicker to Vindman pimping himself this way. Here he is pathetically reaching out, begging for people to be interested because apparently people aren’t showing up to hear about his book. Can you hear the stomping of little feet, as he begs through the tweet?

Now, how funny is that? He doesn’t get no one gave a darn about him, except to use his nonsense to try to get Trump. He thinks they’re just “unaware,” not that they really aren’t at all interested. None of them care about his self-important book. The only interest that people might have in the book is if we’re hit with a toilet paper shortage again.

Vindman got justifiably mocked mercilessly on Twitter.



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