Staffer Shows How Lost Dems Are With His Narcing on Maskless GOP Staffers

Jim Watson/Pool via AP

We’ve seen a lot of ugly authoritarian things during the pandemic. One of the worst is how it’s made some people behave. Congress has been a bit of a microcosm of that.


As we reported earlier, masks are now being mandated again in the House. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was not only threatening people with fines, but the Capitol Police have even said that people may be subject to arrest if they don’t comply.

Republicans en masse stood up against that today marching maskless out of the House to the Senate floor where there are still no mask mandates, making the point that this is all an artificial dictate.

But that wasn’t all.

Democratic staffer Aaron Fritschner, who is “comms in chief for Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA),” spied massless Republicans playing water pong and corn hole in the hallway after hours. So he felt the need to fink on them to all the world on Twitter.


But this is a staffer spying and reporting on the behavior of other staffers. If he’s concerned about what they’re doing, by that same token, what’s he doing with his “taxpayer-funded salary?” He’s being a ridiculous Karen narc and complaining about the fact that his neighbors are actually having fun.

Oh my gosh, they drank water in the hallway without masks! Whatever will we do? He even smells a cigar!

So if they sat there in sackcloth and ashes with him spying on their brethren, would that make anyone at all less sick? Not a one. But he’s playing the Stasi and the mask police, thinking he has the authority to tell people what to do. That’s where Democrats have brought us at this point. This is a perfect example.


Fritschner then named the offices that the staffers were outside of, thus targeting the members of Congress and their staffers for potential attack. How nice of him to expose them to danger from the crazy left.

He then freaked that even after they left the hallway, they might have left the virus behind them.

Can we laugh at this guy now? But this kind of crazy fear is what the Democrats are pushing and this guy is a prime example of how insane they are making people. He thinks he’s being stunning and brave reporting on their “transgressions.” He doesn’t get how twisted he’s become.

This is what is going to define 2022: Republicans who stand for freedom and individual rights vs. the Democrats who would do all they could to keep you in fear to hold onto their power. That’s a winning issue if ever I saw one.



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