WH Comms Director Goes Full Orwell With Admission About New 'Misinformation' Targets

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

We’ve seen the Biden administration admit to going after ‘misinformation’ on social media in regard to the Wuhan coronavirus, putting pressure on Facebook, flagging posts and arguing that people should be banned.


But it would be foolish to assume that they were doing this only in regard to the virus or that this wouldn’t target their political opponents. As we’ve noted, we’ve seen social media go after conservative sites and we’ve seen them try to shut down information which could be damaging to Joe Biden during the campaign with the Hunter Biden NY laptop story.

Now, we have an admission from White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield that they’re looking at “conservative sites” as to misinformation. There it is.

“There are conservative news outlets who are creating irresponsible content,” Bedingfield claims. Now the 12 people the administration previously cited are mostly holistic health folks, not political people (apart from Democrat Robert Kennedy, Jr.). So it’s clear that they’re talking about targeting other people, conservative outlets, with this ‘misinformation’ excuse. I guess leftist outlets don’t do ‘misinformation.’


But sure, they’re not making lists or anything. They’re just taking note of the conservative sites and targeting them. And the White House gets to determine what ‘misinformation’ is. Despite being some of the biggest purveyors of misinformation that you can find anywhere. And notice her comment even goes beyond “misinformation,” she says “irresponsible content.” So not even untrue content, just content they don’t like. This is why this is such a slippery slope these Orwellian fascists are creating and they’re admitting it right to our faces at this point, that’s even more troubling. They’re literally talking about suppressing the speech of political opponents now, without batting an eye as if it’s normal and they’re not even being called out on it.

Where is the media jumping up and down with how bad and unconstitutional this is?

Scary ‘Ministry of Truth’ times.



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