Biden Admin Tries to Silence Ukraine on Nord Stream but Cruz Busts Biden Being in Bed With Putin

Earlier this year, Joe Biden made the troubling and inexplicable move to lift some sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would allow it to be completed, basically giving up on stopping the pipeline which the U.S. has been fighting for years. Even Biden himself had said in February it was a bad idea. But then he waived the sanctions anyway.


It’s an incredibly bad idea, because it’s empowering Russia and giving them a hold over the EU when we’ve been trying to stop them from having such a foothold since the 1950s. Biden is just handing it over to them and he’s doing that while harming our own energy independence by stopping things like the Keystone XL Pipeline. This is while Russian criminals have been conducting cyber assaults on key industries like oil and food, including on things like the Colonial Pipeline.

On top of that, it’s weakening one of our allies, Ukraine, which has already been under such assault from Russia. Right now, Ukraine is paid transfer fees for oil shipped out from Russia to Germany for crossing their territory. This could skip all that and harm their economy because of it. It also could hurt their leverage in peace talks with Russia when they no longer have that transit ability to hold over the Russians.

Now the word is that the U.S and Germany may have made a final deal, according to Politico, but at the same time, they’re trying to silence Ukraine from objecting by essentially threatening them. Politico said that they’ve been told by four people “with knowledge of the conversations” that the U.S. has been telling Ukraine to shut up about any opposition, not to go public with it and not to talk to Congress about their concerns, unless they want to “damage” the relationship they have with the Biden administration.


Most of Congress, the Ukrainians, and other Eastern European allies who all think the Biden folks could still block the pipeline are upset and furious with what Biden is doing. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is blowing off Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and not meeting with him until later in the summer.

From Politico:

“It’s unbalanced and unfair that Russia gets a huge reward and Ukraine is flogged over criticism,” said Alina Polyakova, the president and CEO of the Center for European Policy Analysis. “It’s 100 percent true that if Trump did this,” everyone would go nuts, she added. [….]

Republicans and Democrats in Washington have long opposed the pipeline, which would run from Russia to Germany and significantly increase Western Europe’s dependence on Russia for energy.

“It’s doubling down on gas energy imports from Russia rather than investing in diversification of energy sources — green energy in particular,” Polyakova said. “As long as you get cheap Russian gas, why invest in other energy sources?”

In other words, after Russian criminals cyber attacked us and everything else Russia has done, Biden gives them a big reward while hurting our actual ally, Ukraine. Meanwhile, Biden isn’t even serving the climate change agenda although, of course, he’s still imposing that on us in the United States, with our pipelines.

Politico notes that even Evelyn Farkas, the former DoD official, said this was crazy because it didn’t serve the climate change agenda. “This is the craziest deal to be discussed at this time,” Farkas said. “There’s no greater crisis than global climate change, so dealing with this kind of retrograde deal is insane.”


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has held up Biden appointments to the State Department, trying to get Biden to change his mind and fully impose sanctions to stop the pipeline. Cruz issued a statement, explaining how this made no sense for the United States and was basically Biden bending over for Vladimir Putin.

If the reports and details of a deal are accurate, this will be a generational geopolitical win for Putin and a catastrophe for the United States and our allies. President Biden is defying U.S. law and has utterly surrendered to Putin. Decades from now, Russian dictators will still be reaping billions from Biden’s gift, and Europe will still be subject to Russian energy blackmail. We always knew Biden was in bed with Putin, now they’re spooning.”


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