Runaway Texas Dem Gene Wu Just Keeps Digging That Hole Deeper

As I reported last night, the count of the runaway Texas Democrats who have tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus is now up to five, making it officially a “super spreader” event.


Now you would think that the Democrats might feel some chagrin for pulling this little stunt and having it end up as such a disaster – getting people sick and spreading it to who knows how many people in the process. They met with a lot of people in D.C. including Elizabeth Warren, Joe Manchin and Kamala Harris. Harris even ended up going to Walter Reed Hospital for a “routine checkup” on Sunday morning (isn’t that the normal time you have your ‘scheduled’ appointments?). However, she is claiming that she doesn’t need to quarantine, despite meeting with the Texas Democrats.

But Gene Wu just can’t stop talking and digging a bigger hole for them. What does Gene want to tell you that he’s learned from all this? That this is just one more reason that you should listen to what they have to say, that’s the lesson.


So here’s the thing. These folks obstructed a vote because they knew they were going to lose. They lied about the nature of the bill that was being voted on, claiming it was suppressing votes when they themselves couldn’t name one person who would be denied the right to vote. Gov. Greg Abbott notes the hours for voting are actually being increased. On top of the lie, they flew to D.C. to continue to lie and make a big stunt out of it. They went on a chartered plane without masks while regular people are being required to wear masks, showing their hypocrisy and now they want to talk about masking? And a national mask mandate. Get the heck out of here. They just want to impose mandates on Americans that they themselves can blow off. Who knows how many people they may have infected? They even exposed Kamala Harris and Joe Manchin among others. Now you want to clean it all up and suggest there’s a learning lesson there for us? Yeah, the lesson is you guys are craven political jerks who would risk anyone or anything for power. That’s the lesson you taught us. Maybe you should just stop talking already. And we in Texas should let you know exactly what we think of you and vote you all out.



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