Greg Abbott Skewers the Lies of the Runaway Texas Dems and Decimates Joe Biden In the Process

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has had enough of the runaway Texas Democrats throwing their little tantrum political stunt.

As we reported earlier, he said that he was going to make them do their job and have them arrested if they return to the state.


Abbott eviscerated the Democrats’ false claims about the election security bill, saying that it isn’t denying anyone the right to vote and, in fact, the bill provides for increased voting hours.

Abbott also brought up another area of Democratic hypocrisy – the number of days of early voting. Texas has 12, and guess what state has none? Delaware, Joe Biden’s home state. Yet Biden’s the one accusing Republicans of somehow being restrictive with bills like the one at issue inTexas when his state’s voting isn’t even as liberal.

Ingraham highlights how the Texas Democrats ran away to D.C. and are arguing that to get rid of the filibuster in Washington, which is actually a Senate rule. But meanwhile, they’re effectively trying this political stunt which is acting as a filibuster.


Abbott also went on Dana Loesch’s show today and gave the latest.

He noted that while they’re on the junket, taxpayer business isn’t able to get done, noting:

“The reason property taxes are not being cut is because Democrats fled the state.”

Yet these runaway Democrats and their staff are still being paid. But if they stay out too long, they won’t be paid and could lose their benefits come the end of next month, and could potentially lose their seats if they are away too long, Abbott said. Meanwhile, they’re doing all this on the taxpayer’s dime rather than arguing their points.

Loesch said the bill isn’t anything like the Democrats are claiming and no one will be restricted from voting. Abbott called it the “biggest lie in politics,” noting that was saying something. He again pointed out that if the Democrats want to make this argument, they should go after Delaware, Joe Biden’s state. But they won’t, because it’s a Democratic state.

Abbott said that everyone has to follow the same state rules; they can’t make up their own rules. Abbott said there is greater fraud in mail-in ballots, so you want to secure them.


But, Abbott predicts, Democrats are going to pay a heavy price for their stunt, predicting that many of them will be voted out because of this stunt and they shouldn’t be quitters.

Loesch cited a poll saying over half of Texans do not support such a stunt and oppose walking out on a vote in this matter.

So the bottom line is, if the Republican bills like that in Texas are “Jim Crow,” as Joe Biden claims, then his own state, Delaware, must be even more racist than that. When will Joe Biden be calling out his own state for their horrible racist ways? Indeed, since it seems like Biden was the senator from there for 120 years, he needs to justify why he never did anything to stop this horrible racism in his own state. Obviously, this means he supported it. What is his defense?


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