Psaki Refuses to Acknowledge the Cuban People's Call for Freedom

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There’s something pretty amazing going on in Cuba today, as we reported here and here.

It’s pretty fair to call it an uprising in Cuba, at this point, against the Communist government, with thousands in the street upending police cars — and police joining the protesters. It’s something that may not have been seen since 1959, with the massive numbers of people.


What the Cuban people need now is support in their quest for freedom and the world standing together saying: we wouldn’t stand for the government firing on or being violent with the people.

Republicans have come out in support of the Cuban people.

But Joe Biden has been silent and said nothing, lending no support for the Cuban people in their fight for freedom against the Communist dictators.


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki appeared on Medhi Hasan’s show. Now, because Hasan is a leftist, you don’t hear it phrased as people demanding freedom from Communism; it’s phrased as people being upset about the pandemic or wanting medicines/vaccines.

Hasan asked Psaki if she was going to comment on what was happening in Cuba. What was the U.S. government’s advice to the Cuban government? Hasan asked her. She gave a terrible answer.

Now, what she should have done is warn them not to harm the people and/or call out the Communist government. Instead she said, “I don’t know that the government is waiting for our advice.” No, they’re not, which is why you should give it, rather than act so impotently. You should be warning them not to hurt the people.

Psaki then echoed the false call that this is just about the economy, food, and medicine. Where are her words supporting their call for freedom? Recognizing they’re calling for the end to the Communist dictatorship? She seems complexly oblivious to what they’re actually asking for. Her words of support for that are completely missing in action.


There are Cubans waving the American flag in the name of freedom, and this is the response that they get from the spokesperson for the American president? That is such a sad response, that she’s completely refusing to acknowledge what it’s about.

When this was happening in Hong Kong, President Donald Trump stood with the people, supporting their fight. They held up pictures of him — and the American flag — in response.

Psaki’s answer shows them Joe Biden is completely AWOL for the Cuban people now.



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