Kamala Harris Just Demonstrated, Once Again, How Clueless She Is About Americans

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have very strange views of Americans.

It’s hard to pick from among the odd, racist views that Biden has expressed over the years. But perhaps one of the worst was when he was asked about slavery and reparations, and responded that parents (implying black parents) didn’t know how to raise their children, that they needed to keep the record player on at night.


But, Biden isn’t the only one who doesn’t seem to understand Americans.

Take Kamala Harris’ remarks, in a BET interview with Soledad O’Brien, making the rounds today about “rural Americans” and voter ID.

Some Democrats have given up on the stupidity of trying to claim that voter ID is racist because they realize that they can’t convince Americans. Americans are smart and know that’s just nonsense. So, now they’re trying to claim they were always for voter ID, just ‘equitable’ voter ID or some other nonsense term.

Kamala Harris refuses to say if she would agree to voter ID. But, she seemed to be trying to come up with some other way to ding voter ID requirements — when she tripped all over her own perceptions of rural Americans. Listen as she explains that it’s “almost impossible” for rural Americans to photocopy their IDs.

“There’s no Kinkos, there’s no Office Max” near some people in rural America.


Yeah, those rural Americans just get around on donkeys; heck, they may not even have electricity! Hasn’t she seen anything of middle or rural America? This is like the Democratic, racist lie that somehow black people are unable to secure IDs. The cluelessness is just shocking. How out of touch is this lady? Has she ever gotten out of a city? There’s a reason that she tanked badly and quickly during the Democratic presidential primary — and she just demonstrated it again.

People just couldn’t believe that anyone could say anything so dumb.


This is the Democrats’ ‘great hope’ for 2024. Can you imagine her against President Donald Trump or Gov. Ron DeSantis? She’d get bounced so badly, it might actually set a record for horrible losses.



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